Top 5 Stocks worldwide you should invest
Top 5 Stocks worldwide you should invest

Top 5 stocks worldwide you should invest

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Top 5 stocks worldwide

Investors now a days are getting more interested in investing in international stocks. This inclination towards international stocks benefits the investor in two ways- 1. Diversify their investment 2. Give them an edge to understand the pattern of global exchange and expand their market worldwide. Let’s have a look on top 5 stocks as an investor you must put your wealth upon.

  1. JD.Com or Jingdong is an online e-commerce company of China. A tough competitor of Alibaba-run Tmall. Formerly known as 360buy, is comes under two massive B2C online retailers in China. Presently it is working on robotics and drone technology for facilitation and smoothening of delivery of services.                                                                                                                                                                  

CURRENT PRICE (as on 14.07.2022) 244.00 HKD            

  1. HDFC Bank

HDFC, an Indian banking and financial services. It provides numerous of services such as-wholesale banking, retail banking, personal loans, consumer durable loan, lifestyle loans, credit cards and many more.  It stands at third largest company by market capitalization on the Indian stock exchanges. Also regarded as the largest private sector bank by assets.


STOCK EXCHANGE                                          NSE

CURRENT PRICE (as of 14 July 2022)          1352.00 INR

MARKET CAPITALISATION                            $109.79 B


  1. Walt Disney

An America based mass media and entertainment company which inspire and entertain people through their marvelous storytelling. The company holds the leading position in American animation industry, its everlasting characters such as mickey mouse is the most popular and prominent what Disney  has ever produced.


STOCK EXCHANGE                                          NYSE

CURRENT PRICE (as of 14 July 2022)          91.00 USD

MARKET CAPITALISATION                            $170.56 B


  1. Shoprite Holdings Ltd.

Africa’s largest supermarket retailer company is Shoprite Holdings Ltd. It headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. It stands with a revenue of R92.9 billion (2022) with a net income R2.7 billion. It provides everything to the consumers ranging from medical to furniture.


STOCK EXCHANGE                                          JSE

CURRENT PRICE (as of 14 July 2022)          20,109 ZAC

MARKET CAPITALISATION                            121.67 B  

  1. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway inc. is an America based multinational conglomerate holding company. The company partially and wholly owns various companies like-Duracell,  NetJets,  Helzberg Diamonds,  Lubrizol and many more. Partially it holds companies like- Coca Cola Company,  American Express,  Apple,  Kraft Heinz Company,  Bank of America.


STOCK EXCHANGE                                          NYSE

CURRENT PRICE (as of 14 July 2022)                   $4,09,542.25

MARKET CAPITALISATION                            614.05 billion


There are plenty of entities available for investment in marketplace. It is investors’ wisest choice to opt for the right stocks to increase their portfolio. Choosing a Right stock is not a child’s play or a matter of a magic wand! It demands higher attention and analytical skills to understand the market trends whether nationally or internationally. We hope the above-mentioned list would help you for creating a healthy portfolio.

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