Anand Mahindra - A Man Of Virtues
Anand Mahindra - A Man Of Virtues

Anand Mahindra – A Man of Virtues

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Anand Mahindra – A Man of Virtues

Anand Gopal Mahindra (age 67) is an Indian billionaire businessman and the chairman of Mahindra Group. The business tycoon was born in Bombay, in 1955 in a very decent and notable family. He is the third generation of Mahindra Clan and a grandson of Jagdish Chandra Mahindra (co-founder of Mahindra & Mahindra). Harvard University is his Alma mater. A man of virtues, known for his generous behavior and trustworthy business dealings. Mahindra Empire grew and expand immensely under his leadership.

The group operates in various spheres of work- Aerospace, Automotive, Agrobusiness, Aftermarket, Defence, Energy, Finance and Insurance, Information technology, Leisure & Hospitality, Logistics, Real Estate and Retail. Mahindra is best known for its automotive industry particularly for tractors and sports utility vehicles, such as Scorpio and Bolero. They are also sharpening their axe on electric vehicles “We are spending a significant amount of money on electric. We are ahead of the game.”-Anand Mahindra.  In 2021, he launched the XUV 700 SUV. In 2022, his net worth stands at 200 crores USD.

Badge of Honour!

He was featured in the World’s top 50 Greatest Leaders in 2014. Also listed in World’s top 25 most powerful business people in 2011. He was co-chairman of World Economic Forum in 2009. He was one of the contributors of the book named as ‘Reimagining India’ published by Mckinsey & Company.  Mahindra is also a non- executive chairman of Kotak Mahindra Bank and occupy a small but substantial share of it.

Anand Mahindra has been tagged as the face of Indian Capitalism. Also, the Forbes India Magazine has recognized him as “Entrepreneur of the Year” for the year 2013. Apart from it, Mahindra served gracefully in other positions – World Bank Group’s Advisory Board for Doing Business, Global Board of Advisors of the Council on Foreign Relations etc.

A helping hand

Mahindra beyond being a sparkling business tycoon, is a generous and compassionate human being. He is well known for his bountiful contributions in charity. He believes humanity can end various problems in the world arises from the interdependency. By taking this vision in mind, in 1996, he established Nanhi Kali, a charitable trust which aims to provide primary education to girls belong from underprivileged areas. Till September 2017, the project has supported 130,000 underprivileged girls. Also, he donated $10 million to support Harvard Humanities Center.

In recognition and respect to his donation, the center was renamed as ‘Mahindra Humanities Center’ at Harvard. Anand Mahindra is also a chairman of Naandi foundation, an Indian charitable trust that work towards the socio-economic development of India.

Words of wisdom!

Sustainability has to be a way of life, to be a way of business. Anyone who makes time frame beyond tomorrow probably isn’t pushing himself hard enough. The essential elements we need for a comfortable existence are minimal. Life has an interesting way of teaching even the most powerful people that joy from wealth is fleeting at best.

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