Kiara Streater one of the most influential woman

Kiara Streater One of the Most Influential Woman Entrepreneur

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What makes a woman entrepreneur?  ‘Strong Mindset’, ‘Never Giving Up’ commitments?  Well, our star of the day has it all. One of the most influential woman entrepreneurs, Kiara Streater is a powerhouse as people around her believe. She runs Certified Minority Enterprise and Extraordinary Headhunters LLC, and is a philanthropist. In the spring of 2018, Kiara met a terrible accident, she had brain injuries causing her to begin speech therapy and regain her memories. Kiara’s never giving up attitude aided her to become what she is today along with her husband Julius and both of their families. Kiara describes herself as a devoted wife, a philanthropist and a loving mother of three, two-year-old Kareem, four-year-old Julius Jr., and Six-year-old Imani.

Kiara’s Mentor is Mrs. Sonja Norwood, who herself is a celebrated entrepreneur. Kiara runs Certified Minority Enterprise and Extraordinary Headhunters LLC, a full-service staffing and marketing company, which recently opened three operations in Colorado Springs, Seattle, and Denver, CO.

She tells us that with constant support from her family they have been able to open in mainstream markets and provide better career opportunities. “My husband is my business partner, so we’ve been able to see our hard work pay off. My mother runs our north region, and my mother-in-law runs all of North and South Carolina. It’s just all funny how they were there to push us, and now we’re able to give and love on them because we believe one hand washes the other.” Says Kiara.

What is Extraordinary Headhunters?

Extraordinary Headhunters LLC specialize in job recruitment and selection process of medical and healthcare jobs, warehouse jobs, customer service representative jobs, administrative assistant jobs, project manager jobs, engineering jobs, expert-level manufacturing jobs, light industrial, information technology, human resources & clerical resources and various other job positions.

The recruitment process is smooth and quick. They provide a competitive price for the clients to complete critical projects on time operating within their budget. They facilitate resources for clients, those who are looking for a perfect job recruitment and candidates who are seeking for career opportunities that are growth focused locally and nationwide as well. With over 20 years of experience in the job industry, they know what it takes to find the connections their clients need. Worldwide, Extraordinary Headhunters LLC is emerging to deliver operation-based resources and organized solutions that will assist clients realize their tactical objectives and organizational targets.

Kiara as a Philanthropist.

She advises everyone to “never accept defeat. No matter how hard it gets or what others may have to say around you. Always be tenacious and believe in yourself.” Streater shares love and support with others to pay it forward. As for herself and the enterprise, they never stopped working during the difficult time of pandemic. They found more opportunities for other people by creating jobs and getting resources together to provide. During the midst of COVID, Extraordinary Headhunters LLC has provided more than 70,000 free tests in South Carolina, Jersey City, New York. They’ve also provided more than 70,000 careers globally and donated over $300,000 for COVID relief.

To sum it up, Kiara Streater is a Woman entrepreneur who knows how to shine and enlighten others and we see her do it often. Kiara has been cited as South Carolina’s Most Tenacious Businesswoman. Whether it be as the honoree of the 35 Best and Brightest or being rewarded as a Silent Hero. Extraordinary Headhunters LLC is going to expand and open new locations. Kiara knows what she is doing and she is doing it well.

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