Top 5 Meditation startups
Top 5 Meditation startups

Top 5 Meditation startups

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Top 5 Meditation startups: A step towards Mental Wellbeing

In today’s fast-moving life, where everything matters, mental-wellbeing is a least counted phenomenon. But not now! Here we bring you top 5 well performing startups focusing on Meditation. Yes! now, meditation is not only a “home to-be” phenomenon but a rising Business idea. It is an industry of billions of dollars rising with every tick-tick of the clock on your wall.

The need of wellness industries has realized more during the pandemic hours. Data revealed thousand cases per day of suicide led by depression, anxiety and a stressful life. Today we have plenty of options to deal with these issues and here comes the startups which made the process easier to us.                   


Calm is among the well-known meditation apps which was launched in 2012, based in San Fransisco, California. Calm conducts different rejuvenating sessions focusing upon mental being of their customers. They provide services majorly with people suffering from insomnia, anxiety stress in their daily lives. A stress-free sound sleep has become a dream of every person that he/she sees with open eyes.

Ureka! Calm solved the hardest equation for you. Their meditating sessions include narration named as Sleep Stories by celebrities like Matthew Mc Conaughey on mental wellness. The app is free of cost available can be downloaded but special features are payable. There monthly subscription cost at $69.99 and lifetime subscription cost at $399.99. Calm has reached over 1 million subscribers and the company revenue valued at $1billion and got an investment of $116 million in February 2019.


Meditopia, a meditation app startup was launched in 2017 by Faith Celebi with his two partners. it is a Turkish-German startup engaging in the service of their customers with a commitment of providing mindfulness and calmness in their busy scheduled lives. Meditopia working for years to ensure you a proper sleep cycle with a proper blend of soothing music, syncing in the minds.

As per its reach and engagements with its users around 2.5 million people keep the app handy. Talking about the market it has spread-out, right now it is widely available in 75 markets worldwide in 10 or more languages.  It has a collection of 1000+ pieces of content you can opt as per your choice. It has a weekly subscription starts from $2.99 only.


Do you ever think meditation can be as interesting as listening a song or dancing on the beats of your favourite song? Meya made it possible for you! Now, in this modernized world with the help of technology and innovation everything is possible. Meya brought to its users a meditation app which does not necessarily urge them to sit quietly at their space. It has a more than thousand songs collections to match the feet with the beats.

More than a meditating app, Meya become a companion for the users in workspaces, hangout places and even their commute to the gym. People just need to set-up a goal in the app and according to your moods it would lead you to a personalized way of meditation. In a very short period of time (founded in 2020), Meya made its way in this billion-dollars market.


The wellness app based on meditation particularly, making human lives better and healthier. As said by the Breethe founder on Twitter – “Being human is hard. Breethe meditation app helps you deal with ALL the feels. Anxiety. Stress. Sleep.”- defines clearly what Breethe is all about. Similarly, Meya, Breethe also allows the users to choose a goal varies according to the moods.

Ensuring a personal touch and better experience apps facilitate one to one therapy sessions. Breethe is a box full of melodies and hypnotherapies leading you towards a healthy life. Talking about its lifetime subscription available at $179.00 How strongly it stands with prominence in the market clearly represented by the counting of its downloads. Presently, it has 10 million downloads, making it one of the highly opted meditation apps.

Sanity & Self

The app is developed and owned by Moov, a company has an expertise in wearables. Sanity & Self has a unique yet wider concept. Unlike, the other meditating apps which focuses mainly with psychological responses, Sanity & Self deals with the causes which leads a person towards those responses.

However, the app is not gender neutral and only available to women. It helps women to deal with breakups, heartbreaks, stress anxiety and leading them towards healing, self-love and better sleep. For it, the app has a feature of chat-bot where you have to opt some options according to your needs and the rest job is done by the app itself. Normal subscription starts at $1.99 and premium charges starts from $9.99

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