Kanika Design: Transforming Interior Design Spaces

Kanika Design: Transforming Interior Design Spaces “The Power of Interior Design is transforming the way we live and connect with our surroundings.” – Kanika When you think of your happy place, you would think of aesthetic curtains, peach cushions or for some it would be a place close to nature that gives the feeling of home. […]

Jami Eidsvold, re-imagining the traditional agency model at Smarty Social Media

In today’s context, the rise of women in business is celebrated as it gives hope to all aspiring women entrepreneurs. Today we share the unique success story of, Jami Eidsvold, who founded Smarty Social Media in 2013. Let us journey through her story in this article. Becoming an entrepreneur Jami had worked for years in […]

Exploring the Hawaiian Way with Coco Moon Hawaiʻi

Generating an idea and building something of your own is challenging but when that beautiful idea takes a perfect shape everything feels worthwhile. In today’s story, we want you to meet Amber Thibaut, the founder of Coco Moon Hawaiʻi. Her journey as an entrepreneur began shortly after she became a mother. Observing an opportunity in […]

With MYHIXEL, let’s focus on men’s sexual wellness

Entrepreneurial success stories can defy expectations and dispel myths. Let’s get to know a remarkable businessperson who entered the unexplored field of sexual wellness technology. Patricia López Trabajo is the CEO and founder of MYHIXEL, a business that focuses on the sexual wellness of men. We will learn more about her remarkable journey, the creation […]

Pietryla PR & Marketing: A Story of Vision and Resilience

Entrepreneurship is often a journey marked by twists, turns, and the pursuit of a vision. In this article, we delve deep into the remarkable story of Christine Wetzler an entrepreneur who ventured into the world of business in 2002, crafting a legacy that continues to thrive today. The founder of Pietryla PR & Marketing, a […]

The Remarkable Journey of Like A Local Tours

Women are establishing themselves as powerful leaders in a variety of industries in the dynamic world of business, demonstrating their creativity, resiliency, and unique perspectives. One such entrepreneur is Lauren, the driving force behind Like A Local Tours. She has transformed the travel and tourism industry with her innovative thinking, and she has also given […]

Parallel Connections – Transforming Leadership and Teams to Thrive

Parallel Connections – Transforming Leadership and Teams to Thrive In today’s world, the rise of women in business has become a symbol of empowerment and inspiration. We bring you the remarkable success story of Simoneta Vargova, founder of Parallel Connections, a boutique leadership development company. With a passion for people development and a deep understanding […]

Aishah Coleman: Transforming the Architecture and Interiors Industry

Aishah Coleman: Transforming the Architecture and Interiors Industry Aishah has a background in architecture and has earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture. She wanted to become an architect because she wanted to help rebuild City Bronx as a child of the 1970s and 1980s. When Aishah started her business, she went back to the school […]

“Grieving to Heal” Bestselling Author Coach Barnes

All about True Happiness and Self-Love, Coach Barnes About Coach Barnes Coach Barnes, is a dynamic motivational speaker, author, thought leader, and trauma coach. Using her experience as an advanced human behavioral analysis and community activist, she transforms the lives and careers of survivors of gun violence, domestic abuse, and long-term illnesses. For the past […]