Top 5 online learning platforms

Top 5 online learning platforms paving the way for tech-led-education

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Top 5 online learning platforms paving the way for tech-led-education

Technology has transformed almost everything on earth. Business, health sector, education sector, banking sector, the railways, aviation, and textiles all of them are influenced by technology or technology is the driving force behind the all.  

If you are interested in gaining a marketable skill or just want to know about a particular topic, online learning is a viable option for you. Ed-tech encompasses several domains like- learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and m-learning. There has been seen a sharp rise in online learning platforms across the world. Particularly, in the pandemic, when everything stand still, learning keeps on flowing because of the digitized education platforms who are providing the best teaching experience in the defined domains. Let’s have a look on top emerging online education platforms across the globe.

1. Coursera

A leading e-learning platform partnered with around 200     universities and companies to make you ahead in your career. It provides certification- based courses recognized by employers. Though it provides different type of courses but it is more emphasized on academic learnings. Coursera courses last approx. four to twelve weeks, with one to two hours of video lectures a week. Interestingly it provides quizzes, puzzle, weekly exercises, peer-led reviewed assignments and many more.

Its guided projects start with $9.99 per course, professional certificate courses at $39 a month and higher institution- based certificate courses at $2,000 per course. However, there are options to choose a bundle of courses collectively at discounted prices. It also offers 15.000 free courses but they are unassociated with certifications. Coursera is just like an online college which will give you a real college experience sitting at your cozy place.

2. Skillshare

Skillshare has a massive collection of 27,000 classes that are divided into domains like- lifestyles and productivity, business analytics, freelance, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, marketing, animation creative writing, music, graphic design, web developers, and many more. It provides 2,000+ free classes and premium membership (including 27,000 + classes ) $32 per month or $168 per year.

All courses of skillshare consists of- video representation and a class project. Skillshare is a platform to build up or increase your skills, makes you a future ready human resource. But keep in mind, its courses are not accredited by any institution or company. Also, it does not provide certifications.

3. Mindvalley

Mindvalley stands at best as a personal growth platform. It provides over 50 library courses, taught by top experts in the fields of expertise. It interacts us from CEOs of large companies, best selling authors, speakers, celebrity- coaches, famous therapists and many more to provide a real learning experiences. Its membership costs $499 per year and also provides certifications. Each course takes 30 to 50 days and the lectures lasts 20 minutes a day.

Mindvalley enriches your mind and makes you capable enough to focus on the prioritize matters that are really important to you and need your topmost attention. Mindvalley has transformed the lives of many in their personal and professional workspace. It is such a platform one should goes through.

4. Udemy

One of the leading learning platforms, Udemy made its way to the horizon. It provides a massive 1,50,000 courses encompasses from anything to everything. Whether you are interested in business analysis or hand weaving, Udemy is there for you. Unlike Skillshare, Udemy does not have unlimited subscriptions plans, one has to buy each course individually. But the courses are quite cheap as they are starting at $9 and $200 each. Also courses here are not certifications based.

Udemy courses are multilingual, you can opt them not only in English but Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German and Portuguese as per the learner’s convenience. The courses categorized in – Productivity, Teaching, Personal development, Academics, Photography, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Health and Fitness. The long a class can get is 5 hours long and short as 30 minutes depends on the complexity level of the course. Udemy is widely known for its best content and it is highly recommended.

5. Masterclass

Masterclass has its own popularity. All eyes are set up on masterclass, when the search on online learning platforms begins. Masterclass is so much in buzz because under it courses are held by the world-famous experts and celebrities. Imagine, you want to learn acting and Natalie Portman is there to teach you. Yes! Its possible only on Masterclass. You get chances to interact and learn from the experts of whatever field you opt. for $15 a month, you get the unlimited access to all classes.

It has 80+ library courses.  Each course consists of 20 lessons, each last approx. 10 minutes. All the videos can be downloaded and save for later use. Thus, you can learn anything here at your pace. The classes are divided into nine categories- Film & T.V, Culinary arts, writing, music & entertainment, sports and games, business, photography & fashion, politics and society, science & technology. However, masterclass does not provide certification for their courses.

Online learning platforms are making possible the vision of tech-led education. We have come a long way in educating lives across the globe with more enthusiasm and problem-solving techniques than before. Now people have more options to go online. However, we must admit that traditional methods of education can not be replaced with the digitally driven learning methods but they can be improved over time to make them accessible to the larger sections of learners and create a far- reaching effects.   

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