Small Business ideas
Small Business ideas

7 fascinating Small Business ideas you can put your hand on

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7 fascinating Small Business ideas you can put your hand on


Do you want a work which is feasible for you? Do you want to hold your business while sitting at your cozy couch at home or in the midst of a wavy-windy beach spot? We bring you the top 7 fascinating business ideas you can perform from anywhere on the planet and provides you a decent income for sure!

1. Writing Blogs

Starting with writing blogs, is an amazing business idea you can think of, if you want to do something from at your cozy corner of the house. You just need a right subject to increase readers quantities at your page. You can write about anything to everything ranging from your food experiences at distinct places to the best adventurous places you visited during your weekends.

However, it takes time to generate revenue from blogging, depending on the numbers of readership at your blogs. But blogging is indeed an exciting and interesting idea to opt for. It is more likely to write your experiences on a diary but the diary you keep up here is available in public.

2. Bulk buying and selling

It is one of the trending business idea one can opt for. It is a type of wholesale business. Under it, you can buy products in bulk, which definitely cost you cheaper rather than buying individually. Once done, you can sell them by your own whether online or offline to the customers.

You can price your products at individual rate or higher than individual rate rather than wholesale (in which you buy). It would simultaneously provide you a profit margin as the sell happens. Later, you can increase your product price once you have a good customer base.

3. Print-on-demand business

If you have an artistic skills or art is your passion, then converting your passion into business is the greatest of business you can ever opt for. Under it, you need to print your designs on everything -shoes, clothes, bags or anything on demand. You do not need to sell your product you just need to sell your design or art printed on others’ product. However, you must have a good artistic value.

4. Website flipping

Website flipping is a vibrant business idea you can do it from anywhere on the Earth. It includes buying an already made website and give it your gentle touch. It means you just need to improve its designing or content if time, when your website starts generating revenue higher than its initial value (when you acquired it). Once the revenue gets higher, you can put your website for sale in the marketplace.

5. Catering

If you are a cooking-enthusiast or you have that magical taste in your hands that can hypnotized everyone with just a single bite of meal, then catering business is made for you. It is particularly run by housewives in urban cities. We make you assure that you would definitely earn a decent income from this business. However, in this business, the question of investment rises generally.

How much investment you should put in depends on how big you want your set-up to be. If you have no money or cannot afford a substantial amount for your business, you can also go online. There are plenty of websites who are in search for a good cook so that they can earn plenty from their culinary skills.

6. Personal shopping

Do you ever get noticed for your unique and high-class fashion taste? If yes, then personal shopping is an idea that totally reflects you. Clients now a days, hire their personal shoppers. It implies that they do not have much time to shop for themselves. Personal shoppers buy for them. But before buying anything, shoppers must study his clients’ wardrobe well.

It gives him hint, which color his client is fond of, what designs to choose and the quality your client is aspire. Everything is available at online boutiques so you do not necessarily go offline for it. Also, to become a personal shopper, you do not need a certain degree/qualification to hold.

7. Tutoring

Online tutoring is always in demand. If you have a mastered knowledge about a particular field or subject, you can pour it online via being live with students or providing them recorded videos of the subject concerned. You can charge hourly or monthly, it totally depends on you. Also, it you can teach them from anywhere with a good internet connectivity. Having a degree, is an essential-criteria here. However, in various domain you may not need it but having one can be advantageous.

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