5 Electric Scooters: Future of Rides
5 Electric Scooters: Future of Rides

5 Electric Scooters : Future of Rides

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5 Electric Scooters : Future of Rides

Mankind with time and technological advancements are much ahead from traditional lifestyles. In today’s modernized world, Convenience, Comfort and Protection– all are products of Science & Technology. Tech-led inventions such as Electric vehicles whether four- wheeler or two- wheeler, all ready to replace the diesel and gasoline driven vehicles in coming years. In all parameters, EV’s are desirable and viable means of transport. In particular, Electric scooters are in great demand among the users. Let’s unfold the list of best of electric scooters available worldwide and briefly know about their features.


1. Unagi Model (E500)

Unagi, an electric scooter startup, headquartered at Oakland, California, USA. The vision behind the startup was to make transportation hassle-free and avoid the tyranny of inconvenience, costs and carbon emissions. These electric scooters are light-weighted and easy to maintain with its kind return policies and warranties. It is infused with carbon-fiber designs which making it more appropriate for urban surroundings. It is also regarded as a best hill climber.

Features and Specifications

Tested Speed 32.2 kmh
Tested Range 13.7  km
Weight 13 kg
Water resistance IP54
Price Rs. 71,280


2. NIU KQi2 Pro

NIU KQi2 is a Chinese electric scooter manufactured company, headquartered at Beijing.  However, the scooters are manufactured in Changzhou province of China. Its 365 wh battery power drive to 25km of range as a top performance. It provides you 4 level of speeds- pedestrian limit at 5 kmh, Eco Save capped at 14 kmh, sport at 26 kmh and custom (less than the sport mode).

Speed 26.2 kmh
Range 25.3  km
Weight 18 kg
Water resistance IP54
Price Rs. 43,128


3. Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2, is one of the most affordable Electric vehicles with the first- class performance and power capacity.  Hiboy scooters has a decent acceleration. It has a 36V, 7.8Ah 270 Wh battery that get charged in 6 hours. It has a 350 W BLDC motor.  The motor also performed well in hills on our 60 m 10% test, with an average speed of 11km/h.  it has a puncture proof tires, with a diameter of 22 centimeteres. One can use the ride with an hiboy app, which can further help you in lock or unlock the scooter, also ensure fine-tune and smooth ride. With low-mounted headlights, deck lights, it would provide you a smooth and safer ride in dark hours.

Tested top Speed 30.6 kmh
Tested Range 20.4  km
Weight 14 kg
Water resistance IP54
Price Rs. 32,328


4. Segway ninebot Max

Segway was an America based two-wheeler manufacturer company. However, now it is owned by Ninebot, which is Chinese company. It is regarded as the best electric scooters for long drives. As going more ahead on steep lines, Segway ninebot Max comes at second place after Unagi. It has 350W Motor and 10inch inflatable tyres. It has 42V, 2.9 A battery.

Tested Speed 29 kmh
Tested Range 64  km
Weight 19 kg
Water resistance IP54
Price Rs. 63,000


5. Anyhill UM-2

Anyhill UM-2, a new brand comes in limelight as a hard work of a group of engineers. It has gained momentum and acquired demand in short span of time. Claimed by the manufacturers directly, it is a tough rival of Segway ninebot max and Apollo city. Slightly heavier than others, Anyhill has a swapable battery (2kg) which is the most interesting among the users. Occupying with 450w of motor, it is capable enough to carry riders upto 135kg of weights.      

Tested Speed 28.8 kmh
Tested Range 27.4  km
Weight 20 kg
Water resistance IP54
Price Rs. 64,728


Electric vehicles are the future of rides.  Various countries of the world are recognizing themselves as the hub of innovations and solutions. The rising and alarming carbon emission from vehicles are played a major role in rising overall temperature of the World. Electric vehicles which are of low costs, pollution free, high durability, easy application, light weighted and have a low maintenance cost are indeed a technologically feasible, economically viable and socially desirable alternative of the diesel-gasoline based ecosystem of vehicles.  

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