Top 10 Anime shows of 2022

Top 10 Anime shows of 2022

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Top 10 Anime shows of 2022

Anime has ruled the mind & heart of the viewers. 2022 is considered as a year of fantastic anime shows. There are tremendously well-animated shows have made to stuck you with your seats. Many shows have entered under the hit list. The craze of anime worldwide has demonstrated a revolution in the entertainment industry multiplied with technology. We here bring you the list of top 10 popular anime shows to binge on. 

  1. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The anime is a big hit all over the world. Its first part came in 2019 and a sequel movie in 2020. In December 2021, new season was aired titled with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc.

It was proved to be a fun season as a fight happened between Demon Slayers and two big and powerful demons. Very well animated and presented on the screen with so much twists and turns, it is a rocking show.

  1. Healer Girls

Three young girls studying “vocal medicine” to become healers. The world of sufferings needs healing and it would be how amazing that someone’s voice could do that for you? In the show these three wonderful girls treat their patients with their power of songs. It is small yet heartwarming show to believe the power of words/music.

  1. Ranking of Kings

It drops you into a world of fantasies. The show opens the doors of a fantasy world where Kings are considered supreme according to their deeds and strength (physically and mentally). Bojji, the center of attraction of the show and the favourite protagonist is a boy of a warm heart. He is physically handicapped and not able to speak properly, stands next in queue to sit upon the throne as his father,

the king is suffering from a disease. The show is a mixture of everything. Its intriguing characters, the dark and mystical story, adventure that introduces you to the death. All in all, Bojji is the character to die for!

  1. My Dress-Up Darlings

This brand-new series of 2022, depicts a relationship between two characters named as Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa. Gojo a boy of reserved yet determined nature loves to craft Hina Dolls (traditional Japanese dolls) and Marin, a bubbly and kind girl passionate about playing cosplays. When they both unite, a fantastic duo was formed. The series is getting more popularity with each passing day.

  1. The Orbital Children

A mind-boggling science fiction directed by Mitsuo Iso is a six-episode series. It’s a story of 5 children get lost in a commercial space station due to a cataclysmic disaster. Its a much watch for a science fiction enthusiast made up of beautifully & brilliant visuals and dense yet understandable technological complexities.

  1. Attack on Titans

Open the doors of an apocalyptic world, gives a ride to the viewers to the times, when humanity live behind the great walls with a fear of giant man-eating Titans. The series is made on the verge of danger to human existence when a Titan breach the walls and human existence comes under questioning. It is an interesting series to watch the group of soldiers giving tough fight to the Titans. It is considered to be one of the most viewed anime-series of 2022.

  1. Spy x Family

Known as one of the best anime featured in 2022. The show deals with three identities Loid Forger, his wife Yor and adopted daughter Anya. Three of them have their own secrets and entire episodes revolves around them juggling to hide each-others real identities while living under the same roof. They all trying hard to maintain the façade of family in every way possible. It’s a delight to eye to watch the mixed emotions of utmost importance. It is a kind of Spy themed based comedy adaptation created by Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

  1. World’s End Harem

The series based on the year 2045, when a contagious virus called Man Killer (MK) has widespread which only affects the males. It is mentioned that it has a potential to kill 99% of Male population of the world. Later on, the protagonist realized that he is among the five men who has somehow developed the immunity from MK virus.

Thus, they have an onus of breeding program in which they have to impregnate as many women as they can, so the population can be replenished. A futuristic use of AI is depicted wonderfully in the anime with so much authenticity.

  1. Tomodachi Game

Hurre! A new psychological concept of anime drops on your screen. Tomodachi Game is a series based on the terrifying, thrilling game sequences which travels you toward death with every single step you take. Yes! At some point it is similar to the Squid Game. However, the Squid Game was the consequence of economic misery, tomodachi is much different. Five students get abducted and forced to play the game as the theft had been taken in high school funds.

More or less, the series is an eye opening one, which reveals the real characters of the students.

10. Overlord

The promising anime series you must binge on. It is more like a fantasy series where an online game turned out into a reality when its server permanently shut down. More interestingly, the storyline deserves the more applause as it is depicted from the villain point of view. It is full of adventures takes you from massive twist and turns and also contains a beautiful emotional aspect one can possess during all the hustles.

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