Nathalie Malka: An interior designer Who Turns spaces into Masterpieces
Nathalie Malka: An interior designer Who Turns spaces into Masterpieces

Nathalie Malka: An interior designer Who Turns spaces into Masterpieces

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Nathalie Malka: An interior designer Who Turns spaces into Masterpieces

Nathalie Malka is an interior designer and an entrepreneur who has committed her profession to turning spaces into stunning masterpieces. As the CEO and founder of Nathalie M Designs, she works intently with clients, architects, and builders to create stunning home interiors from start to finish.

From a young age, Nathalie has always sought out innovative opportunities wherein she can thrive. This lifelong love for the arts led her to pursue interior design as a career. She obtained her undergrad education and schooling in Israel, where she finished her degree in Communications. She felt the need to utilize her creative side and therefore enrolled in an Interior Design program in Los Angeles. After gaining the technical interior design information she desired, Nathalie was excited to establish her first interior design business in 2004. This quickly became a hit design and architecture firm where Nathalie gained hands-on experience.

A few years later, she decided to place a pause on her career and focus on raising her 3 children which to this day she considers her best achievement and job yet!

In 2019, Nathalie felt equipped to further advance her interior design profession by launching Nathalie M Designs. This allowed her the independence and versatility to take on projects aligned with her creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. She is proud of the professional team she has and the relationships established with reputable companies to help with every detail needed for a project.

Launching her own company reignited Nathalie’s ardour for interior design. She remains committed to helping bring the Client’s vision of their dream home to reality through considerate and dynamic design.
Nathalie’s approach to interior design

Whilst beginning a new interior design project, Nathalie takes the time to understand the Client’s needs and visions. Questions like what relaxation looks like to them, how they entertain and what sort of ambience they are looking to have in the home are of utmost importance. With the client’s needs in mind, Nathalie and her group begin conceptualizing an initial design concept. This concept is offered to the customer through the use of 3D software visualizations.

From there, the team works on refining the design, deciding on materials like, flooring, cabinetry styles and colors and lighting just to name a few. Nathalie values building lengthy-term relationships with customers and takes pride in designing spaces tailored uniquely for them. Many of her projects come from word-of-mouth referrals, thanks to happy clients sharing their experiences.

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Photos by Nathalie M Designs


Nathalie M Designs has been identified numerous times for first-rate design work. Most recently, Nathalie received the 2022 Residential Award from Ceramics of Italy Tile.
Moreover, Nathalie has constructed reputable relationships with elite tradesmen searching for her design knowledge. Foremost tastemakers within the LA location also asked for consultations with Nathalie due to her discerning eye for style and design. Those achievements testify to the talent and artistry Nathalie brings to her interior design work.

Staying Inspired and Informed

In such a dyna mic and, trend-driven business, Nathalie makes persistent mastering a priority so she will stay relevant with the ever changing market needs and amplify her skills. She frequently attends industry shows to look at the most innovative product debuts and network with her peers.

Nathalie also benefits from training presented via professional corporations like ASID and NKBA. Gaining knowledge of emerging styles, materials, and technologies allows her to remain inspired while designing for her clients.
Beyond business occasions, Nathalie unearths concepts anywhere – via tour adventures, style, artwork, and sincerely looking at the arena around her with a curious, inventive eye. She believes cultivating this lifelong feeling of curiosity is fundamental for any creative mind seeking to expand.

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Photos by Nathalie M Designs

Future Goals & Growth

Nathalie stays open to new interior design opportunities that allow her creativity to flourish. She hopes to take up meaningful, enriching initiatives that fulfil her artistic capabilities.
“I am proud to be recognized for my work and want to serve as a thought leader in my industry amongst my colleagues such as Developers, Realtors, Architects, and vendors as someone who will bring their project to a higher level.”.
Nathalie also aims to share her experience mentoring aspiring interior designers, mainly women looking to succeed in the field. She believes in paying ahead the steerage she received when beginning her own design journey.

Keys to Nathalie’s success

Ultimate flexibility, listening intently to customers, and standing up for one’s innovative vision are all essential to effectively managing an interior design business. She also emphasizes the importance of staying actively involved within the network through volunteer work and donations to non-profits. Nathalie and her own family make this a priority.
But, the key to achieving her dreams has been keeping a positive outlook, having the willpower to overcome barriers, and being willing to work diligently. She faces every mission as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Advice for Aspiring women entrepreneurs

For women hoping to begin their own interior design firms, Nathalie focuses on offering notable customer support and staying on top of industry trends. This involves monitoring cutting-edge actual property and demographic trends and changing needs to advocate to customers on designing spaces to maximize their potential.
Persevering with schooling is also critical to remain knowledgeable about the ultra-modern technologies and patterns that align with customer desires and lifestyles. The interior design discipline evolves swiftly, and gaining knowledge is important.

Lastly, Nathalie stresses the importance of confidence in a single person’s innovative, imaginative, and business driven abilities. Aspiring entrepreneurs will face challenges; however, believing in oneself’ s competencies and having the courage to take risks is critical to overcoming them. By embracing this mindset, Nathalie has made her dream of proudly owning a thriving interior design company, a reality.

Work-life Balance

The changes that came along with the 2020 pandemic were the biggest obstacle yet. Not being able to go inside their client’s homes and interacting with them face to face made the design process challenging.

“As far as work/life balance, my children are and always will be my top priority. Of course, it was quite challenging balancing a business while taking care of my little ones. Now that they are older, I am much more equipped to balance the title of Mom, Business Owner, and what I hope is a strong female role model for my children.” She added.

Nathalie faces every task that comes her way whether personal or professional, with an open mind and sees it as an opportunity for growth.

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