Kathleen Rowell's Journey as a Woman Entrepreneur in the Commercial Moving Industry
Kathleen Rowell's Journey as a Woman Entrepreneur in the Commercial Moving Industry

Kathleen Rowell’s Journey as a Woman Entrepreneur in the Commercial Moving Industry

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Breaking Barriers: Kathleen Rowell’s Journey as a Woman Entrepreneur in the Commercial Moving Industry

Kathleen Rowell stands as a beacon of inspiration in the male-dominated commercial moving and installation industry. Her journey as a woman entrepreneur has ebbed and flowed. From being a single mother to becoming the CEO of a successful business she has gained the reward of her hard work. We, with this article, take the privilege to put our heads together about her approach and uncover the secrets to her achievements.

Journey of Fortitude

Kathleen Rowell is the Founder/CEO of American Moving and Installation. Kathleen’s journey started in the affordable housing of South Boston, MA. She learned about the importance of hard work at an early age. During high school, she contributed to her family’s income. In her mid-30s she valorously faced the challenge of being divorced and a single parent of three children. Initially, she started a side business in post-construction commercial cleaning to augment her nursing career. While working on this endeavor she eventually found her way into the commercial moving industry and saw an opportunity to set foot in the union sector.

In 2009, the seminal move came when she founded American Moving and Installation. Kathleen broke the ceiling as her company outshined others in the multi-generational, male-dominated industry. With her dedication, she ascended as the first woman to hold the signatory contract with the Local 25 Teamsters’ Union, formerly known as Local 82.

With the growth of her business, she had to relocate several times to accommodate the success and the growing fleet of trucks, employees and warehouse demands. From starting the journey at her home to its present corporate location in Hanover, MA Kathleen’s journey is a testimony of her resilience and determination. American Moving now offers full move and installation services along with over 100,000 sq. ft. of fully secure and temperature-controlled warehouse space.

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Overview of American Moving and Installation

American Moving and Installation is the only WBE, WBENC and WOSB certified, 100% woman-owned, union commercial moving company in Massachusetts. The company works towards a mission to provide the best commercial moving and installation services in the greater Boston area. Serving businesses of all sizes the company specializes in move management, packing and unpacking, certified computer disconnect/reconnect, crate rentals, warehousing and storage, recycling, distribution services, furniture installation and liquidation. The company takes pride in supporting other diversity-led business owners, hand-selecting union employees and maintaining a customer-driven culture.

Conquering Initial Challenges

Kathleen overcame several challenges and emerged as a successful businesswoman in an industry dominated by multi-generation male run businesses. However, since the beginning, her top priority has been diversity in the workplace, and now she sees the industry starting to recognize the benefits of diversity. American Moving leverages its established presence and influence to actively support other diversity led business owners.

Acclimatizing to Market Trends

In the competitive commercial moving, installation, and warehouse industry, American Moving and Installation stays ahead by closely monitoring market trends. With the internal support of a Marketing Manager and a small external advertising agency they monitor industry trends, develop strategic marketing plans, and maintain a continual presence with the proper audiences in the areas they choose to complete.

The Clientele

American Moving and Installation serves a diverse clientele ranging from general contractors to businesses in medical, hospitality, educational and life science sectors. The company’s comprehensive services like relocation, product installation, warehousing, product recycling/disposal and full move management support have procured the trust of clients since 2009.

Key to Excel

Research and Development play a vital role in the company’s growth strategy. American Moving and Installation actively seeks and tests new technologies that can contribute to enhancing efficiency, reducing waste and improving processes across all aspects.

Maintaining a focused and enthusiastic workforce is a priority for Kathleen. According to Kathleen, morale is important, and can be boosted through the celebration of accomplishments and milestones. In addition to providing yearly bonuses, the company makes sure to celebrate staff birthdays. American Moving is known for being a “Pet” friendly workplace, allowing furry friends to be a part of the team’s daily activities.

Milestones and Achievements

A significant milestone for American Moving and Installation was a project related to a large Casino, Hotel, and Conference Center in Everett, Massachusetts. Kathleen was determined to show that the size of the firm had nothing to do with capabilities. After two years of networking and planning meeting attendance she was awarded the project. Since that time Kathleen and her team have proven repeatedly that size is insignificant to capability.

Future Plans

American Moving and Installation aims to traverse growth opportunities in cold storage for Bio Labs and Pharmaceutical companies as well as continue to explore growth opportunities within its respective service areas.

Key to Success

Kathleen emphasizes that the key to success is determination, networking, and the development of long-lasting business partnerships. She notes the importance of continuously looking out for new opportunities, building brand awareness, and the on-going support of community partnerships as key priorities.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Kathleen has a piece of clear advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. She advises to set clear, specific and detailed goals. Establishing a roadmap for success and building the right support team is crucial. One has to utilize every available resource, be it local, state or federal, to differentiate from competitors. Certification programs like WBE, WBENC, and WOSB can provide a competitive edge over others.

Persistence is pivotal in the face of challenges.

Kathleen Rowell’s Journey as a woman entrepreneur is not just a success story, it is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. She is a ray of inspiration for those who dare to challenge convention and pave their way to success. As American Moving and Installation continues to grow, Kathleen’s legacy proves success knows no gender. Her success will inspire future generations of women entrepreneurs.

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