Jodi Harris, Crafting Memorable and Unique Celebrations

Jodi Harris, Crafting Memorable and Unique Celebrations

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Jodi Harris, who started Special Event Entertainment and Production Company called Sight & Sound Events, along with her husband, in the year 1994 and has been hailing wonders since.

We would all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic affected various businesses and event organising companies took the worst hit. Regardless of all the hardships an expert knows how to create memorable events and help people enjoy their precious moments.

“We love to Create unforgettable and memorable celebrations that are unique. I’m always looking for new ways to blow our customers’ minds.”

When Jodi was in New York she worked in television production. Jodi moved to Los Angeles and took production jobs with Nickelodeon, MTV and landed a job with community television. During weekends, she would accompany her then fiancé on his weekend DJ events that were mostly weddings and birthday parties. After a few events by his side, she realized that television production and special event work are almost the same thing: Live events. So after about one year, they got married, moved to Las Vegas (the party capital of the world) and opened up their own production company for special events. 

How does Sight & Sound Events operate?

The services they offer at Sight & Sound Events are all about the experience of those who attended and enjoy at the event. It begins right from the first phone call to the last dance. They remain right by your side working with you and leaving your guests wanting for more. You are assigned your own event producer to assist you on your vision and style. Jodi believes that personalized music adds to the sense of love and family feeling.

Their QR coded DJ request card has been the biggest success story. At the Sight & Sound photo booth, the party props you get to pose with are so unique and fun. Most popular prop in the photo booth is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) championship belts! Who doesn’t want to the be a Champ like the Rock, John Cena or Becky Lynch?

“We give you options especially when it comes to your DJ entertainment, DJ that best fits your style musically and professionally.”

Challenges and overcoming them 

Jodi tells us that the current challenge is still COVID. “We are the social gathering business not the social distancing business. Our industry took the worst hit of all. Imagine a world where you’re not allowed to dance? Yes, in Las Vegas we were not allowed to dance for 15 months (March 2020 to June 2021). It didn’t matter, we showed the industry and the world that you could gather safely. It was rough. Cancellations. Refunds. Crying brides.  I put smiles on faces, I’m not used to this. However, I’m proud to say we stayed lean, mean and got through this with few scars. We’re so lucky that by giving clients a celebration that rocks are the best way to market the business.” 

Social media is my most fun way to market my business. I really brushed up on it and learned a lot about it over the last 2 years. We consistently show fun events and share reviews.  

Advice for upcoming and struggling entrepreneurs?

Harris firmly believes that polite behavior is always helpful and the key to success is pushing yourself forward. Never settling. If you think you know it, you don’t. Everything changes and evolves. You need to do it too. Surround yourself with good people. Stay away from the people in your industry who gossip and talk negatively about others. Gravitate towards the movers and shakers in your field. Learn from them. 

“Be nice! Really be nice. Be nice to everyone you meet because you never know who that person is, who that person is connected to and what that person will be down the road.”

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