Importance of Leadership

Importance of Leadership

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  • Importance of Leadership

Leadership is an important management function that helps direct an organization’s resources to improve efficiency and achieve goals. Effective leaders create clarity of purpose, motivate and guide the organization to achieve its mission. It plays an important role in driving the growth of a company. Today, we will be sharing a few points on leadership.

Initiates Action – The leader is a person who initiates the work by communicating policies and plans to subordinates from where the work actually begins.

Motivation – A leader shows that they play an inspiring role in the work of the company. Motivate employees with financial and non-financial rewards. And therefore receives the work of subordinates.

Giving guidance – A leader must not only supervise, but also play a leadership role for subordinates. Guidance here means instructing subordinates on how to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.

Build Trust – Trust is an important factor that can be achieved by showing subordinates efforts to work, clearly explaining their role, and providing them with guidelines to achieve goals effectively. It is also important to listen to staff about their complaints and problems. Refers to the voluntary cooperation of employees in their work, giving them identity and gaining their trust.

Building Morale -A leader can boost morale by gaining full cooperation so that they can use their abilities to the best of their ability in achieving goals.

Create a work environment – An efficient working environment contributes to solid and stable growth. Therefore, a leader must consider human relationships. You need to have personal contact with employees and listen to their problems and solve them. You must treat employees humanely.

Coordination – Coordination can be achieved by balancing personal interests with organizational goals. This synchronization can be achieved through appropriate and effective coordination, which should be a leader’s primary motive.

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