Bill Gates: A Man Who Changed The World
Bill Gates: A Man Who Changed The World

Bill Gates: A Man Who Changed the World

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Bill Gates: A Man Who Changed The World

A successful entrepreneur, technophile, inventor, CEO, writer and philanthropist- Bill Gates is a man who had invented the future of technologies especially in the world of computers. In the times of large computer systems which used to occupy most space in room, he with a vision of “Putting a computer in each desk”, brought a kind of revolution future should thank him for. An ordinary boy with extraordinary potentials lightened up the space of opportunities and wonders.

Today, he is among the top 5 wealthiest person in the world. His net worth accounted at $114 billion. Born in 1955, in Seattle, Washington, which is today known as among the top tech-led cities in the world. Gates father was a lawyer by profession and her mother was a teacher. A fairly good family background which instilled a culture of excellence in Bill by his birth. However, hard work does not come as a legacy. Bill has recognized it so early. Just from his school days, he was academically sharp.

At the age of 13, he was so much into computers and programming that in a very short span of time his interest turned into passion. An incident which is interesting enough to tell the priorities what Bill always had is of his school when he along with some friends including Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) was rusticated from school till summer because they all were captured red handedly for exploiting bugs in the operating system so that they can get more time with computers and machines.

Later, when the ban lifted up, Computer Center Corporation (CCC), which posed a ban, offered to find bugs in return of temptation of extra computer time. Gates and his friends were convinced. His passion was a mixture of inborn excellency and quest of learning which was easily sighted when he went to CCC offices, he could have done his work easily via using Teletype, but he opted studying ‘source code’ for programs like – Fortran, Lisp and machine language that ran on the system.

He also developed a software to optimize traffic and many other software at the very early age of 17. He obtained 1590/1600 in a Scholastic Aptitude Tests and admitted to Harvard University for pursuing graduation. In his graduation days, he met Steve Ballmer who later on become CEO of Microsoft.

It was the time of Gates life, when he and his co-partner Paul Allen decided to open their own software company. In 1975, the decision was turned into reality, the company was named, Micro-soft in which micro depicts- microcomputer and soft depicts -software.

Initially the company was making small products. The company was financially weak to hire sales managers and thus the delivering process was done by Gates’s mother. but with the passes of time, severe fall in demand and price of Microsoft decreased to all time lower which led to the company towards a severe financial crisis. The reason behind it was usage of pirated software. Gates and Allen came up with MS-BASIC, which helped him getting out of the crisis and earned him a valuable profit. Everything was going moving with a stable pace.

In 1979, IBM offered Microsoft to develop an operating system for launching first ever personal computer. It was like great opportunity for the Microsoft and would certainly provide a grand recognition to Microsoft. However, due to lack of resources to drive the process, Microsoft recommended another company named Digital Research, to get their work done.

But whatever is destined to happen, it certainly happens. No one can change it. Same happened with Microsoft, when IBM was seen unsatisfied and found itself involved in disputes with Digital Research. In the end, Gates and Allen came up with 86-DOS, which hardware was made by Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products and delivered it to IBM in $50,000. Though, the deal was not fairly well and provide a small share to Gates, it was huge in the form of recognition it got as delivering the OS to IBM-among the well-known multinational tech company.

In 1980, the Microsoft was turned into Microsoft Corporation. A big accomplishment was made Microsoft when it introduced own Windows Operating System. Window NT, occurred as a very first Window OS, after that numerous of window systems were kept on coming. Besides window, MS Office Suites, Office 365, Hotmail, Xbox, Azure types of products were produced by Microsoft. Today, Microsoft dominates a substantial place in software world with a net worth accounted at $2135 billion.

Bill Gates comes under the list of top philanthropists in the world who dares to influence people lives and make a difference in a far better and positive way. he has its own Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, William H Gates Foundation and Gates Centre for Computer Science. He is also a part of Giving Pledge, according to which Gates 80% wealth is pledged to charity after his death.

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