5 Electric Scooters : Future of Rides

5 Electric Scooters : Future of Rides Mankind with time and technological advancements are much ahead from traditional lifestyles. In today’s modernized world, Convenience, Comfort and Protection– all are products of Science & Technology. Tech-led inventions such as Electric vehicles whether four- wheeler or two- wheeler, all ready to replace the diesel and gasoline driven […]

Nina Edwards Anker: a design entrepreneur

The multi-talented Nina Edwards Anker, who founded the award-winning nea studio in 2006, specializes in architecture and interiors. Some of nea studio’s standout projects include the Cocoon House (the Gold-LEED, award-winning cocoon-shaped home that maximes light, heating/cooling breezes, and efficiency); her algae lighting fixtures using sustainable material and demonstrating algae can serve a range of products and design […]