Success story of a Colombian Star: - Sofia Vergara
Success story of a Colombian Star: - Sofia Vergara

Success story of a Colombian Star: – Sofia Vergara

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Success story of a Colombian Star: – Sofia Vergara

Forbes “highest paid actress “for seven consecutive years, Sofia Vergara is an eminent personality, a successful American Actress, and a global entrepreneur.

Born in 1972 in Barranquilla, Colombia, Sofia pursued dentistry but soon left the school to make her identity in the entertainment industry. She started her career at the age of 22 when she hosted a Spanish – language television network Unison. It was a big step for an early youthful girl which also made her popular in Miami. Gradually, she developed a passion for modeling and a turning point came in her life, when she was chosen for the role of Gloria Pritchett in “Modern family” TV drama show.

The show proved a major milestone of her career as she was listed under Forbes’s “Highest paid actress” list for seven consecutive years earning stands at $41.5 million. After that, she also worked as a judge in America’s Got Talent and acquired fame and glory of her kind. In addition to that, she also opts for marketing in various brand endorsements. Apart from it, she had also done numerous commercials which breathtakingly increased her popularity. Besides being a well-known actress, she is also an impactful entrepreneur. In less time, Vergara has established her own three prominent business empires while juggling work and brand deals.

She established a talent management firm called Latin World Entertainment to ensure the equal participation of the Latin community in the Entertainment Industry. The Hispanic community has faced discrimination of certain kinds in form of getting paid less as compared to others. The purpose was to show the world how lucrative is Spanish-speaking market is. Today, the management agency is a prominent Hispanic talent and management firm situated in the United State of America. The tale of Vergara as an entrepreneur is multifaceted. She created businesses in the furniture, apparel, and fragrances industries as well. One of the successful ventures she founded is an indie lingerie business named Empowered By You or EBY in 2018.

The motive behind the EBY was to represent Empowerment rather than Seduction. The company also works on a subscription basis where one can get same-day deliveries at affordable prices. Not only this, 10% profit of the company was handed over to NGO named Seven Bar Foundation which focused on providing credit to underprivileged women to start their businesses. In 2021, the company got $6 million in funding in its first round of investment.

Apart from other businesses, Vergara had also invested in technology. Raze, a mobile video service for younger Latino audiences, is known as one of the impactful contributions by Vergara. The content and programs are so original and depict the upcoming stars. She launched the service in 2017 at a time when there were no programming services available for the Latin community.

Sofia Vergara is also popularly known for her humanitarian efforts which surely have reached to the last mile. In the wake of a global pandemic, she has provided her help to collapsed small businesses. She has raised a significant amount of $150 million. While raising money for the women’s business community during Covid, she urged us to donate as much as we can. She believes when one donates money to a woman, she spends that money on a child’s education and not on alcohol or other bad stuff. That’s how one’s money goes a long way.

She has a net worth of $180 million (2022) which shows a significant increase of net worth of $43 million (2020).  In 2014, Sofia was ranked 32nd in Forbes World’s Most powerful women list.  She is also recognised with Global Globe, one of the prominent awards under the category of entertainment.

Coming from an underprivileged community and creating an invaluable contribution for them in every possible manner, Sofia, A woman of culture- has come so far.

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