Journey of a Charismatic leader: Sir Ratan Tata
Journey of a Charismatic leader: Sir Ratan Tata

Journey of a Charismatic leader: Sir Ratan Tata

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Journey of a Charismatic leader: Sir Ratan Tata

Ratan tata is an inspirational business mogul born in the holy land of India. A charismatic leader, a brilliant investor and a great philanthropist. He is probably the greatest entrepreneur of his age. A true man of values. The world inspires from him because of his adherence toward the values he is imbibed with. What makes a great man great is his ability to connect with people and bring positive changes in their lives. All great leaders work effortlessly to make a difference.

Likewise, Ratan Tata moved ahead on the same lines while keeping with him the upbringing which made him grow as a spectacular human being and a successful entrepreneur of an esteemed company. After all the great successes, the question arises, what made him “The Ratan Tata”? is he a self-made entrepreneur? In search of answers, we need to go slightly in past.

He is born in an affluent family, as the founder of Tata Group Jamsedji Tata, the Indian pioneer Industrialist was his great grandfather. He is a son of Naval Tata and Suzanne Tata. He is graduated from Riverdale Country School in New York city. A degree holder in architecture from Cornell University in 1959 and been a part of Advanced management program of Harvard Business School.

He has inherited excellency and a well-established Tata empire from his ancestors. However, despite of becoming the chairman of Tata Group, he opted for a job at the Tata Steel Division, alongside with some blue-collar job workers.

In 1971, he joined National Radio and Electronic Company Limited as a Director-in-charge. At that time, company was in great need of structural changes otherwise the company would have been faced severe downfall. Ratan Tata made influential changes and brought up stringent reforms wherever was needed. Eventually, he saved the company from destruction. It was marked as his career’s very first achievement.

In 1990, Ratan Tata took over the Tata Group, under his leadership the conglomerate achieved its highest peak. He is responsible to merged all Tata enterprises, purchased various companies such as Tata Tea acquired Tetley, Tata motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Steel acquired Corus. It is known to be a massive purchase which turned the company revenue to new heights. It generated 65% revenue from sales and major operations of the company in more than 100 countries.

Under his stewardship, all tata enterprises listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which provide the company a global recognition. Moreover, India got its first indigenous made vehicle Indica, which was a brain-child of Ratan Tata. Also, the cost-effective automobile, Nano was developed by Tata Motors. He made valuable investments in Snapdeal’s, Teabox, Ola Cabs,, Nestaway, Zenify which proved in favour of the company with high returns.

Tata also launched Tigor Electric Vehicles to boost the country’s manufacturing capacities for electric vehicles and contributed largely to the target of making the country fully equipped with electric vehicles till 2030.

Today, Tata Group is a one of the largest conglomerates comprising of nearly 100 firms with an estimated revenue of $128 billion (2022). Recently, he has launched Companionship Startup aimed at providing a companion to senior citizens who have no one to back them. It would facilitate inter-generational relationships. This year also proved to be a golden year for Sir Ratan Tata as Tata Sons won the bid to acquired Air India. Ratan Tata wrote on Twitter, “Welcome Back, Air India!”

As a philanthropist, Tata keeps on making major withdrawals for doing charity. In 2010, donation of $50 million was made by Tata Group to Harvard University for the construction of an executive center. Later, the executive center known as Tata Hall, in recognition of Tata’s immense contribution. Tata consultancy services donated 35million to Carnegie Mellon University for occupying the facilities necessary for conducting research about cognitive systems and autonomous vehicles.

In 2014, Tata Group donated IIT Bombay a sum of $950 million for the advancement in design and engineering. Tata trust donated $750 million to Indian Institute of Science for providing needed technicalities and facilities to analyze the causes of Alzheimer. In all in all about 60-65% of his profits go directly to charity.

He is an awardee of two highest civilian awards of India. In 2000, he was honoured with Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian honour and in 2008 with Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian honour. Along with them he is an achiever of International Distinguished Achievement award, Honorary fellowship of the London school of Economics and Political Science and many more.

One must say, before the inheritance, the Tata Empire was a name of its own but under the rule of Sir Tata, it became grand. Before retirement, Ratan Tata has many plans to fulfill and make India, an economy to aspire and a nation to inspire. He has an amazing journey till now which would inspire the upcoming generations for ages.



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