Empowering Voices: ECHO’s Impact on Patient-Centered Healthcare
Empowering Voices: ECHO’s Impact on Patient-Centered Healthcare

Empowering Voices: ECHO’s Impact on Patient-Centered Healthcare

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Medical breakthroughs are often considered distant and inaccessible in the medical world, but Dee Armstrong‘s journey has brought forth a beacon of hope. Her experience of witnessing her uncle’s struggle with severe Schizophrenia and her grandmother’s battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease ignited a passion within her to create change. This drive led her to establish ECHO – a platform dedicated to advancing patient-centered medical research. Through ECHO, Armstrong aims to bridge the gap between patients and medical professionals, offering a platform for individuals to share their experiences with rare diseases, chronic health conditions, and mental illnesses.

About ECHO Project Management, Inc.

Founded in 2015 to advance patient-centered medical research, ECHO works to provide high-quality care and healthcare services by recruiting those willing to share their experiences with rare diseases, chronic health conditions, and mental illnesses with a connected medical network of Physicians, Providers, and healthcare organizations. They all are committed to revolutionizing how healthcare providers treat patients, ECHO endeavors to amass valuable information to foster a unique environment for research collaboration and contribute to the broader healthcare landscape. In this regard, ECHO employs nationwide telephone interviews, face-to-face detailed interviews, in-facility interviews, and in-home ethnography to supplement its studies, lending itself to its reputation as a beacon in patient-centric medical research with an emphasis on elevating patients’ voices.

ECHO’s mission is not merely to collect data, but to empower individuals to be active participants in their healthcare journey. By sharing their stories, patients become integral components of the research process, providing invaluable insights that can shape the future of medical care. Armstrong’s vision extends beyond mere data collection; she envisions a connected community where every voice is heard, valued, and instrumental in driving positive change.

Accolades Earned

Well-regarded for its accomplishments, ECHO earned an accredited A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and was featured in magazine articles in 2023. This year, the company will appear in several publications, including The Enterprise World, Woman’s World, The CIO Today, CIO Views, The Entrepreneur Times Global Edition, and TimeIconic magazine. Revered for disrupting the norm and establishing a benchmark for other companies to follow, ECHO also incorporates hybrid methodologies to acknowledge the multifaceted nature of patients’ journeys amid the ever-changing medical environment. To wit, the insights collected by ECHO have proven invaluable for implementation by other healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical institutions.

Future Foresight

Looking forward, Ms. Armstrong aspires to open a sustainable weight loss and healthy-living franchise in the Allen/Frisco/McKinney area of Texas and a second site later on to provide superior service to more patients and improve the healthcare system on a wider scale. Prior to her current work, Ms. Armstrong served at a market research firm in Dallas and found success as a producer and talent coordinator at Firestone Communications. Additionally, she was the owner of Deiadra’s Devine Designs, a company in Norfolk, Virginia, that offered wedding and graphic design services.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Armstrong’s dedication to benevolence underscores her commitment to societal well-being. Known for her contributions as a civic-minded citizen, Ms. Armstrong has volunteered as a food packager at The Stewpot, a homeless service in Dallas, since 2010. She has also donated prolifically on behalf of the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, various Parkinson’s disease charities, and several shelters for battered women.

Education Highlight

Ms. Armstrong studied computer science at Virginia Tech, from which she earned an associate degree in 2003. Having studied graphic design in high school, she went on to attain an advanced graphic artist certification following the attainment of her associate degree.

Award Highlight

Well-regarded for her achievements, Ms. Armstrong was named among the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2021 by Era Magazine. In 2023, she was invited to appear on “The Balancing Act,” a talk show hosted by Montel Williams. She was also a guest on “Inside The Blueprint” and a show and podcast hosted by the International Association of Women, for which Ms. Armstrong is an influencer.

Dee Armstrong’s journey is a testament to the power of empathy, innovation, and collective action. Through ECHO, she has not only elevated the voices of patients but has also directed an exemplary shift in medical research. When looking to the future, Armstrong’s vision stands as an inspiration that strives to build a healthcare system that truly puts patients at the center of care. In doing so, there will be a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their health condition or circumstance.

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