With MYHIXEL, let's focus on men’s sexual wellness
With MYHIXEL, let's focus on men’s sexual wellness

With MYHIXEL, let’s focus on men’s sexual wellness

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Entrepreneurial success stories can defy expectations and dispel myths. Let’s get to know a remarkable businessperson who entered the unexplored field of sexual wellness technology. Patricia López Trabajo is the CEO and founder of MYHIXEL, a business that focuses on the sexual wellness of men. We will learn more about her remarkable journey, the creation of MYHIXEL, and her distinctive viewpoint on the sexual wellness sector in this article.

She spent years studying tourism while also working there for about ten years. She eventually rose to the position of European Marketing Head at a leading manufacturer of men’s sex toys after switching careers in the sex technology sector. Her interest in sexual health first arose from that. Patricia noticed that the majority of brands focused on sexual wellness on women. She was particularly interested in statistics that stated that “1 in 3 men face premature ejaculation issues,” given that many of the causes are thought to be psychological. That served as the impetus for the development of MYHIXEL, which primarily focuses on the sexual health of men using cutting-edge technology and scientifically proven solutions.

The motivation behind MYHIXEL

In 2017, she noticed that the intimate wellness market was predominately serving female consumers, leaving a glaring gap in terms of male-specific brands. It became clear that the stigmas associated with men’s sexual health needed to be addressed. MYHIXEL was created as a result of this.

MYHIXEL is dedicated to enhancing men’s sexual wellness through the use of cutting-edge science and technology. They want to support men and their partners in having satisfying and joyful sex lives.

How is MYHIXEL Different

The first products for ejaculatory control and premature ejaculation have been created by MYHIXEL, combining online therapy within an app and a practice-aiding stimulation device. To do this, they worked on clinical studies with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Instituto Sexológico Murciano (ISM). Their main objective is to create all-natural, effect-free products that will enhance male sexual health. This dedication to fusing the most recent scientific and technological advancements is precisely what sets MYHIXEL apart from competing companies and goods.

MYHIXEL resembles a curated collection of the most recent innovations in science and technology. In order to improve the user experience and provide much more individualized content, they have incorporated artificial intelligence into their most recent ejaculatory control solution, MYHIXEL Control. They consistently push the boundaries of innovation and believe that, when compared to other fields, the fusion of technology and medicine has not been fully tapped into within the realm of male sexual health.

Overview of the goods and services offered by MYHIXEL

MYHIXEL Control, the newest climax control solution that combines the gamified MYHIXEL Play app and the enhanced stimulation device MYHIXEL II, is the company’s flagship product. It was created by specialists in sexual health and combines cutting-edge technological advancements like artificial intelligence with scientific research. In fact, it is the first method to improve male sexual health to incorporate AI. This feature provides a distinctive user experience to improve the intimate health of men.

In addition, they introduced MYHIXEL Care, a line of lubricants, gels, creams and oils for men’s intimate hygiene as part of their focus on the wellness of men. On the MYHIXEL Academy platform, they also offer courses on male sexual education.

Major obstacles and discoveries

Being a woman in the sexual wellness industry has been both rewarding and difficult. The CEO of MYHIXEL has to fight against these societal norms about women in our field all the time. Gaining credibility and trust in the products can occasionally seem like a never-ending battle, with the added pressure of proving one’s value due to gender. Additionally, there is the difficult task of making sure that the products speak to a variety of needs. Not to mention the regulatory environment, which is already complicated, but she has occasionally run into biases there as well. But every obstacle only makes her more resolute and emphasizes how important what they are accomplishing at MYHIXEL is.

It has been a long journey for MYHIXEL to establish itself as a woman in a male-dominated industry. To embrace technology is Patricia’s top piece of advice for other female entrepreneurs. She had the opportunity to speak at gatherings like “Girls in Tech” and “Women of Wearables“. These platforms are crucial for demonstrating the enormous contribution that women make in technology. By relating our stories, we encourage and enthuse other women. This is crucial for encouraging this foray into entrepreneurship and for financing that doesn’t discriminate against women.

Overcoming the difficulties

Every difficulty has provided a chance to learn. She particularly emphasizes the value of persistence as an entrepreneur because it stands out to her. Unexpected setbacks have undoubtedly caused her to pause and reconsider her strategy at times, and doing so is imperative. She has always been driven forward by her faith in this project, despite numerous challenges.

The development of the sexual wellness sector

The opportunities are endless thanks to technological developments and increased scientific understanding. Patricia sincerely believes that the next ten years will witness a rise in creative approaches that not only address functionality but also enhance the emotional and psychological facets of sexual wellness.

MYHIXEL, meanwhile, is positioning itself directly at the forefront of this change. In order to make every man feel understood and cared about, they work to redefine and reshape perceptions.

Two key tactics stand out in our effort to scale MYHIXEL. They first made the risky decision to enter foreign markets. They adopted crowdfunding financing, too. Building a group of committed believers and financial backers was just as important as raising money.

Advice for aspiring business owners

Patricia thinks that determination is essential. However, success involves more than just moving forward. It’s crucial to pay attention to the clients’ needs and understand them. The ability to solve problems is equally crucial when dealing with difficulties. She also believes that another element of success is having the patience and flexibility to work through issues. Additionally, it greatly helps to have a strong support system. Another piece of advice is to always be curious. Continue to learn, keep asking questions, and keep an open mind to new concepts.

First and foremost, even when it seems like no one else does, have faith in yourself and your goals. Do not be afraid to rely on others and ask for help; seek out mentors and assemble a strong support network. And each encounter is a chance to grow. Accept failures and setbacks as worthwhile learning experiences, and let them influence your development and resiliency. Keep in mind that achieving success is a journey with ups and downs rather than a straight line. Never waver from your resolve or lose sight of your objectives.

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