Pietryla PR & Marketing: A Story of Vision and Resilience
Pietryla PR & Marketing: A Story of Vision and Resilience

Pietryla PR & Marketing: A Story of Vision and Resilience

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Entrepreneurship is often a journey marked by twists, turns, and the pursuit of a vision. In this article, we delve deep into the remarkable story of Christine Wetzler an entrepreneur who ventured into the world of business in 2002, crafting a legacy that continues to thrive today. The founder of Pietryla PR & Marketing, a Chicago-based full-service agency, offers us insights into her journey, the vision that fuels her business, and the strategies that have brought her enduring success.

The Birth of Pietryla PR & Marketing

Our entrepreneurial protagonist embarked on her self-employment journey in 2002, but her path to independence was far from ordinary. Her last traditional job was at a conventional agency where she skillfully managed over $1 million in billables, gaining invaluable experience in the field of public relations and marketing. However, when her employer met its untimely end, she seized the opportunity to build something of her own.

As the agency closed its doors, she didn’t retreat; instead, she reached out to her network of loyal clients, forming the bedrock for what would become Pietryla PR & Marketing. This decision was not meticulously planned but was driven by a gut feeling that this path was her true calling.

About Pietryla PR & Marketing:

Pietryla PR & Marketing proudly stands as a full-service agency based in Chicago, celebrating two decades of excellence. The agency’s primary mission is to work alongside brands seeking to elevate their brand awareness and outperform their competitors. The agency thrives when collaborating with transparent and fearless business owners who share their passion and principles.

Operating as a nimble boutique firm, Pietryla PR & Marketing takes pride in its ability to adapt and stay vigilant. This agility enables them to uncover blind spots, explore unique angles, and seize opportunities that drive effective communication strategies. Clients are drawn to the agency not only for its capabilities but also for the unparalleled counsel and results it provides.

When it is strategically needed they put together a cost-effective paid placement program. They design and buy traditional ads or coordinate sponsored content.

The Vision Behind Pietryla PR & Marketing

The visionary entrepreneur behind Pietryla PR & Marketing aimed to revolutionize the communication industry. Her vision was clear: eliminate the inefficiencies and wastefulness that often plague communication projects and prioritize genuine client assistance. This vision emerged from a sense of discomfort while working in traditional agencies where client decisions were frequently dictated by budgets and targets rather than the client’s best interests.

Another issue was the practice of luring clients with the promise of senior-level expertise only to pass them off to junior staff once contracts were signed. Pietryla PR & Marketing took a firm stance against this practice, vowing never to compromise on the quality of personalized service provided to clients.

Initial Challenges

Starting a business is never without its challenges, and the early days of Pietryla PR & Marketing were no exception. One significant hurdle was the shortage of financial resources. Moreover, the business landscape in 2002 was not as conducive to remote work as it is today, presenting an additional challenge.

Journey as a Woman Entrepreneur

As a woman entrepreneur, the journey was undoubtedly tough, but our protagonist attributes her success to a steadfast commitment to setting priorities and following through on them. Her resilience shines through as she navigates the sometimes turbulent waters of entrepreneurship.

Strategies for Success

At Pietryla PR & Marketing, the strategy for success is elegantly simple – they consistently deliver exceptional work. This commitment to excellence pays off in the form of client loyalty. Many clients return even after transitioning to new roles, driven by the agency’s impressive portfolio and its reputation for outstanding results. Working with the media is their core competency. They are relied upon to get quick, high-value results. It is not uncommon to get your first placement within two weeks of starting your relationship with Pietryla PR.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Despite their remarkable success, the visionary behind Pietryla PR & Marketing remains grounded. She expresses her desire to maintain the agency’s current trajectory, content with the happy team and satisfied clients that define its present.

Marketing the Business

Pietryla PR & Marketing employs a dual-pronged marketing strategy, leveraging both online presence and word-of-mouth referrals. Their authenticity and passion are evident in their work, attracting clients who value excellence in communication. From coordinating advertising to crisis response and building targeted communities we can manage our brand’s social media presence. aka SEM | Engagement Marketing | Influencer Marketing.

We create copy, videos and other artwork on demand based on what each project needs to be successful. We can do this as part of digital marketing or as a standalone service.

Keys to Success

The entrepreneur emphasizes that authenticity and passion are the keys to success in entrepreneurship. Staying true to one’s values and approaching each project with enthusiasm lays the foundation for sustained achievement.

Women’s Participation in the Entrepreneurial World

While progress has been made, our entrepreneur acknowledges that women still face significant challenges in the entrepreneurial world. The business landscape often favours traits associated with masculine energy, making it difficult for women to find their voice. However, she remains optimistic about the future, believing that change is possible.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, our entrepreneur offers valuable advice. First and foremost, ensure you have a safety net in place and don’t be afraid to take risks. Additionally, she cautions against assuming that skills alone guarantee success; understanding the intricacies of business is crucial before committing full-time to your venture.


The story of Pietryla PR & Marketing is a testament to the power of vision, authenticity, and resilience in entrepreneurship. Their journey reminds us that success often comes to those who prioritize client needs, maintain unwavering passion, and are unafraid to challenge the status quo. As we celebrate the achievements of this inspiring entrepreneur, we also reflect on the ongoing journey towards greater equality and recognition for women in the entrepreneurial world.

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