Most top 10 dramatic war stories movies
Most top 10 dramatic war stories movies

Most top 10 dramatic war stories movies

Most top 10 dramatic war stories movies

If you want to see dramatic War Stories you should definitely watch our picks for the best World War One movies number

#10. Warhorse (2011)

Warhorse directed by Steven Spielberg tells a heartfelt tragic but undeniably beautiful tale of war and friendship War Horse follows a young boy and his beloved horse from the brink of World War One upon seeing his lifelong friends sold to British soldiers Albert searches the battlefield to find.

#9 Merry Christmas (2005)

Merry Christmas directed by Christian carrion based on incredible and tear-provoking events during World War One this incredible proof of true Christmas spirit follows four people from different sides of the battlefield in the trenches but as Christmas approaches the soldiers get tired of the killing and form a one-of-a-lifetime bond during the loveliest time of the year despite being enemies foreign

#8 Johnny got his gun (1971)

Johnny got his gun is a 1971 drama anti-war film written and directed by Dalton Trumbo as disturbing as truly dramatic this is a journey of trauma and endless pain when Soldier Joe was heavily wounded in World War one he nearly completely lost the ability to live his life trapped in his body as a cage he can’t escape he now finds hope in a charismatic nurse.

 #7 Dr Zhivago (1965)

Dr. Zivago is an epic romantic drama film directed by David Lean proving its place among director lean’s legendary filmography Dr. Zivago is a sweeping romantic epic tale about a man’s journey through rebellion and love we follow a young and ambitious doctor raised by his uncle and Aunt after the death of his father’s suicide married to a woman he never loved he must take fate in his own hands to win the woman of his dreams.

#6 All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

All Quiet on the Western Front is a German Epic anti-war film directed by Edward Berger retelling the horror of World War One with breathtaking pictures this epic story tackles the irony of the glorification of War we follow a group of teenagers who voluntarily enlist in the German Army while riding a wave of patriotic fervor but soon there Euphoria vanishes to be replaced with fear pain and death as they fight for their Survival on the Western Front again.

#5 The Grand Illusion (1937)

The Grand Illusion directed by genre Noir gives a masterful anti-war statement with serious themes but ironic humor the Grand Illusion sees French soldiers captured and imprisoned behind German borders all different to the core in terms of societal class and beliefs they must work together to escape the high-security facility under the ruthless eyes of a German officer who builds a weird relationship with one of them.

#4 All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

Directed by Lewis Milestone one of the first anti-war movies in film history All Quiet on the Western Front invites us to a nightmarish depiction of trauma and pain Through The Eyes of World War One Soldiers the film follows a group of German School boys talked into enlisting by their jingoistic teacher and we get to see the horrors of
War Through The Eyes of Individuals We only wanted to live you and I why should they send us out to fight each other if we threw away these rifles in these uniforms you could be my brother just like cat and Albert

#3  Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence of Arabia is a 1962 epic historical drama film Lawrence is a young and intelligent British Lieutenant serving in World War due to his extensive knowledge about the native Arab tribes he is sent to Arabia when he arrives in Arabia he meets Prince Faisal and together they brainstorm strategies to take down the Turks however despite strict orders Lawrence embarks on a journey through the brutal desert to attack a Turkish Port.

#2 1917 (2019)

1917 is a war film directed by Sam Mendes reimagining the impact of anti-war movies with technical achievements to drop your jaw 1917 is a war movie shot like there’s not a single cut following two brave Soldiers on a one-way mission to save hundreds of soldiers from running into a trap we are always right beside them closer than ever to the gripping destruction of World War One.

#1 Paths of Glory (1957)

Paths of Glory is a war film directed by Stanley Kubrick with shocking realism and twist to rent your guts legendary director Kubrick’s first exploration of War marks the beginning of a history-changing path in World War we witness how soldiers are commanded on the suicidal mission of attacking German trench positions but they refuse now a general accuses the soldiers of cowardice and their commanding officer must defend them do you agree with our list please let us know in the comments.

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