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An Aspiring story of a Woman Entrepreneur Loubna Sadiki

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Loubna Sadiki, founder of Xenia Homes, is a visionary woman with great talents. While in school, Loubna participated in numerous global meetings ,such as, the United Nations Summit for Climate Change as the first Young Female addressing the African Youth Delegation, in a room brimming with nations’ heads of state. Later on, Loubna acquired a scholarship for her post-graduate program on Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management at the Amani Institute, a program based in Kenya. Subsequent to graduating, she returned to the United States and began her profession as a Data expert at a Tech Startup. Loubna progressed from working for a firm to being her own business visionary while having a social effect by advancing female pioneers.


Loubna Sadiki headed Xenia Homes is a One Stop Solution for your property needs; regardless of whether you’re a landowner or a visitor. They assist customers and visitors with potential outcomes to appreciate getaway homes. Their group takes into account every one of their visitor’s necessities with a selective attendant and top housekeeping administration. Xenia Homes is serving their customers and visitors in different segments like:

A. Consulting in Real estate investment and Vacation Rental investment.
B. Providing management for Vacation Rental properties.
C. Providing Housekeeping in different cities and states.
D. Provide a concierge service.
E. Hosting Athletes
F. Interior design


She quit her job because she wanted to work for herself. It was not an easy decision but freedom of owning your own time, no limits on your projects excites her more for this.There will always be challenges her way. Some days, those challenges seem almost impossible to overcome. But she never gives up on her dreams.She always tries to push her boundaries, and then move onto the next thing.And this passion for her dreams makes her a job provider from job seeker.


She has been effective in introducing different new ideas in the real estate business which will help organizations for multifold development in a limited capacity to focus. Loubna Sadiki is an excellent entrepreneur with a development mentality and a good example as a leader. She is a very process and detail-oriented lady and also established a trustment & commitment from team members leading to higher productivity.


Never give up! Continue putting in the hard work and efforts with the right direction, even if the odds of things show that it’s doomed. Keep going and you will get there. Give IT TIME! FAIL! and learn from it! No one has succeeded by not failing.

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