Inger Nordin, Founder and Ceo of IN LIFE AMPLIFICATION
Inger Nordin, Founder and Ceo of IN LIFE AMPLIFICATION

Inger Nordin, Founder & Ceo of IN LIFE AMPLIFICATION

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“Our Mission is to help women step into their power – financially, personally    and professionally – without compromising their femininity.”

Inger Nordin, the inspiring woman entrepreneur of “IN Life Amplification”, an organization, a guiding lamp engaged in unlocking the purpose of life for mid -life women. As today’s world is the world of entrepreneurship, what is more incredibly amazing is to see women in power, holding their fate in their own hands and wearing the crown of leadership in the World of Corporates.

Inger, our today’s Guest of “Inspiring Women Entrepreneur”, is a personality of great repute and with her firm beliefs she keeps on breaking the glass ceilings at her 70. She is a driven, goal and result oriented leader with +35 years of experience from different management positions. While talking about her late    start as an entrepreneur, Inger described that after her retirement at the age of 65, she got bored as she was not facing any challenges in her life and thus, not learning anything new. “I knew I had so much more to offer and missed being a part of something. I’m not the one, sitting down feeding the pigeons – I need action.” She added.

A New Door, Not to Knock but to Welcome

“It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65, what’s your excuse!”

Stepping into a new path, with joining a seminar and selling her car to signed up in a Quantum Leap Program, Inger did everything to go beyond the conformity. She knew she was on a right path when people started approaching her and found her inspiring in all spheres. It was the time when she knew which ball to kick in.

She started her own company RE-Act, LLC, focusing on property investment in the USA. Unfortunately, pandemic arrived and she had to close her company in 2021. But it didn’t stop her thriving towards what she aspires to be.

The same year, she founded “IN Life Amplification”, a sole proprietorship company. Further she went through trainings, started her workshops, launched her book – “The Power of You2 – Create a Power Path of Success (Personally and Professionally)”, Inger did all to reach out a helping hand to people, a guiding lamp and a shoulder to lean on. If we need to fit Inger in a phrase it would be – Age is just a number! Wonders can happen to anyone at any age, one must strive hard with pure intentions and dedication.

IN Life Amplification: A Bowl of Learnings

“I’m a constant learner”, Inger said eagerly. Academically & professionally, she has always been an ardent learner and held prominent positions in every domain she put her feet in.

IN Life Amplification is aimed to inspire, educate and provide guidance to mid-life women in need for them to find purpose and joy in life. IN Life Amplification conduct their courses & workshops generally in English but it has various cooperative partners those speak Swedish, Spanish and Filipino.      

IN Life Amplification offers Life & Business Coaching, Money Management Strategy, Workshops, Masterminds and Mentorship through their 4 particular workshops under The Power of you2 the 4S’s:

Science of the Mind – learn how to be present in the now, get clarity, learn technics to start & end the day being happy

Self-leadership – learn technics to start the day in a focused way – get routines to follow, understand how to attract what you want, learn how to work on feeling good

Sales – learn technics to build up your client list and follow up, learn how to focus to get a meeting, learn how to use different technics during the meeting and to close a deal; e.g., the SPIN – model

Social Medialearn how to use social media to build your brand, get clarity on how to use /not use Facebook, learn how to set up your company page on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Along with it, Inger published her book – “The Power of You2– Create a Power Path of Success – (Personally & Professionally).” It’s a great read with so much enriching insights to rejuvenate life.

Newly released “The Power of You2: Mastermind – The Impact of Presence” due to the great demand in society just now. People have a need to be present with each other now when they finally are meeting up again. In this mastermind participants will: Realize how often they are not really present, see what’s getting in the way of them being present and be able to increase their presence with another person.

By this the participants will get better and stronger relationships – be it personally or professionally.

Inger Nordin wants to give everything, what she holds. She personally helps women to strategize how to get a grip on their own economy by knowing where they are just now and getting a baseline. “I believe its high time that we all not only females – look into creating our own economy. To be able to do this we need to be clear on where we are today.” Inger said with folded arms.

Knowing your ‘Why’ is the Ultimate Goal

In talks with Inger Nordin about the importance of a purposeful life, she told all the readers of The Success Talks that – with a purposeful life you know your why and where you’re heading. Be it to leave a legacy or to make a difference in people’s lives. “Without purpose you struggle. You are like an empty boat, or a reed in the wind, not knowing which direction to go in”, Inger emphasized.

She further added, “And then suddenly you wake up and wonder where the years have gone and what you’ve achieved. To be able to find your purpose in life you need to know your why!”

The World of Empowered Women

Where women stand in this globalized world? Inger responded proudly, “It’s my firm belief that there wouldn’t be as much war in the world if there were more women on higher positions. The female way of being is caring not fighting.” While pointing out the patriarchy in the corporate world, Inger says, “Presently there is still a glass ceiling in big corporations stopping women from reaching their potential.” She shared her experience when the questions were raised on that she was told that she couldn’t deliver as much as she did because it was a threat to her male counterpart.

She thanks the founder of Global Women Club, Mirela Sula, for founding this club which is powered by a vision of WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN, Inger stressed firmly that the world of today needs more empowered women.

Challenge as a life coach

As talking about her challenges as a life-coach, she told her experience to the Success Talks, “I had a client that was a really good friend that I coached – listening to her struggle made me feel sick inside. I had to remind myself of the fact that I was there for her and not me.

“As a coach it is important to Stay away from being too personal” – Inger stressed.

Advice for the Young Aspiring Women Entrepreneur

“Make an active choice to follow your dream and if you temporary fall down – remember that a baby falls and stand up again several times before learning how to walk. Make sure that the people you spend most of your time with are the ones supporting you on your journey – you might need to “hang out with” new people understanding what you want. It’s a fact that the five people you spend most of your time with are having the biggest impact in your life. Get a mentor, keep your vision alive, take persistent actions, set your goals and celebrate each step you take!”

Real success for a life coach

When asked this incredible lady, having 35+ of experience about how she evaluates success as a life coach, with all calmness and sense of satisfaction Inger Nordin said,When people tell me that I’ve saved their life, or just made them feel better or getting out of a dark place that is real success for me.

What’s more in the Bucket for Future

“I want to increase the cooperation with others and build a team. My plans are to go global and by this being able to help women around the world. Being able to change the lives of millions of people. Building a brand for my company needs to go hand in hand with building my personal brand.

I’ve started this journey via joining Global Woman Club and have been a speaker at several local meetings on different subjects (at the Paris meeting I spoke about “The Power of You2 – The Amazing Power of Action”, at the Zurich meeting “The Power of You2 – The Hidden Strength of Vulnerability”, at the Accra meeting “The Power of You2 – The Power of Dreams”, at the Frankfurt meeting “The Power of You2 – 3 steps to communicate clearly and get your message through”, and at the Johannesburg meeting “The Power of You2 – The Impact of  Presence”.

I was also a Panel Speaker (How to fast – track your professional career) at Global Woman Summit 11th of June 2022 in London. I have moreover been on several podcasts. All is adding up to getting cooperation partners as well as building my company (and my own) brand. By the Global Woman Award I got in London I believe I am on the way to build both my personal and business brand – so really moving towards my goal to help women step into their power.”

So here we come to an end of our enriching episode of ‘Inspiring Women Entrepreneur. We give our best regards to this lady of Impeccable excellence. It takes immense courage to be there where she is right now. We the team of The Success Talks, highly appreciate her in everything she does and wish her best of luck for her future endeavours. 

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