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Anaida Deti CEO of DentalX Shares Hardships from Albania to Canada

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Anaida Deti, one of the most famous Woman Entrepreneur from North York, has always been fascinated by dentistry. It has been her ambition ever since she was a young girl to be a dental professional, but the journey wasn’t easy. She was raised in Albania, an extremely small country, located in Europe. She immigrated to Italy in 1997, as Albania was in the midst of a civil war. At that time, she was just 16, and her parents were apprehensive about what could happen, so they decided it would be safer to relocate. In 2002, she immigrated to Canada together with her husband as a couple with big dreams and all by themselves. It was difficult, but she was determined to change her life. Many people didn’t take her seriously, and that only motivated her to work hard. After many years of university and receiving her license, she launched DentalX in 2013. Initially DentalX started, having Anaida as the only member. She worked at other dental offices, and finally, she was able to start her practice in 2016. The beginning was hard. Her primary reason for choosing the dental business was to make patients who were afraid of visiting the dentist may begin to enjoy their visits. And everything else that was associated with it was a plus.

Passion for Entrepreneurship

She loves doing what she wants to do and how she would like to do it, so she chose to become a business owner. Anaida preferred that if she had her own office, she’d take things differently. She treats her patients in the same way, as she would like to be treated. The reason behind DentalX was to aid patients most effectively. In addition, Anaida wants to encourage more people to pursue their goals and turn them into real ones, no matter how difficult that may be.

What Is DentalX?

We asked Anaida about DentalX, here is what she told us, DentalX is an exceptional alternative for people who are looking for a dentist. It’s different from a typical dental clinic because we focus much more on the Preventative aspects of dental care. We also provide longer appointments for dental visits that contain more detailed instructions on oral hygiene as it includes graphics and illustrations for better understanding. My staff and patients believed in my vision and noticed something that other dental practices did not, which was a significant relationship between them and me. My love for dentistry and my dedication of taking care of patients was expressed in the most effective way, which led them to trust DentalX.

The success of DentalX!

I am passionate about what I do and look at the prospect of walking every day to do what I enjoy. My goals inspire and motivate me every single day. I want to accomplish many things, and I rise every morning determined to work for these goals. My children also inspire me to put in the effort and show them that you can achieve anything you dream of by doing your best and being innovative. I have won several awards during these years locally, nationally and internationally, they keep reminding me that I have a long way to go.

“It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur, but it’s not difficult either. Be bold and brutal at it! There is no limit to perseverance and hard work.”

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