Top Industries Hiring Data Scientists in 2022

Top Industries Hiring Data Scientists in 2022

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Top Industries Hiring Data Scientists in 2022

By – Sandeep Patel

One of a company’s most important assets is data. Data-driven business processes have become increasingly important in every area, from healthcare to banking. As a result, there is a growing demand for highly skilled data scientists. Companies are willing to offer significant compensation for the field’s greatest talents as rivalry between firms grows. Here are some of the greatest data science companies to work for if you’re looking for a new job.

Top Industries Hiring Data Scientists in 2022
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Which Company Is Best for Data Science

1.      IBM

With its headquarters in Armonk, New York, IBM is an American global technology firm. It is one of the world’s greatest employers, with operations and presence in more than 171 countries. IBM is famed for its innovations, and it has held the record for the most US patents issued by a company for the past 28 years.

A Data Scientist at IBM earns an average of $134,179 per year.

Notable Projects

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data

One of the most difficult aspects of growing AI-powered decision-making is unused data. The IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform allows businesses to connect and access data silos without having to physically move them. It makes data access easier by automatically discovering and curating it in order to provide consumers with practical knowledge.

  • IBM Watson Studio

Data scientists, analysts, and software developers can use IBM Watson Studio to create and run AI models. It aids in the automation of AI lifecycles and the integration of open-source frameworks with IBM for both code-based and visual data science.

2.    Wipro

Wipro’s IT, consulting, and business process outsourcing services are well-known. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, India, and it was formed on December 29, 1945. With over 221,000 people, it is India’s ninth-largest employer. They also promote the professional development of their data scientists by partnering with top universities to offer courses.

A Data Scientist at IBM earns an average of $108,924 per year.

Notable Projects

  • Data Science Acceleration (DSA) Platform

The Data Science Acceleration (DSA) Platform provides an automation workbench and reusable modules enabling citizen data scientists to exploit data and analytics. It uses open-source technology in a cloud environment to develop a user-friendly workflow.

  • IQNxt

Wipro’s IQNxt architecture offers a complete data assessment, data governance setup, and a tailored implementation roadmap to businesses. The technology is simple to use and allows businesses to save up to 30% on costs while improving data quality by 93%.

3.    Cloudera

Cloudera is a software development business that offers an enterprise data cloud that can be accessed for a fee. Cloudera is an open-source platform for extracting insights from data using data analytics and machine learning. It’s suitable for hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployments.

Cloudera is based in Santa Clara, California, and was founded in 2008. Our project is centered on the open-source community.

A Data Scientist at Cloudera earns an average of $132,308 per year.

Notable Projects

  • CDP Private Cloud

The CDP Private Cloud is a hybrid data platform that can handle transactional, analytical, and machine learning workloads. It provides data scientists with true data and workload mobility across all public and private clouds by offering consistent data security and governance.

  • Cloudera Operational Database

Cloudera Operational Database is a database that allows developers to quickly create future-proof applications that can handle data evolution. Database maintenance is also automated and simplified, with easy interfaces with other Cloudera data platform services.

4.    Splunk

Splunk is the world’s first data-to-everything platform, producing web-based software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data. Splunk was formed in 2003 and has 23 offices across the world. San Francisco, California is home to the company’s headquarters.

A Data Scientist at Splunk earns an average of $165,773 per year.

Notable Projects

  • Splunk Insights

By absorbing event logs from numerous sources, Splunk Insights is an analytics tool that can identify and explore potential threats. It is especially beneficial to smaller businesses, such as schools and universities.

  • Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence

Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence is an intelligence platform that pulls information from multiple sources of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data and displays vital alerts to its users.

5.     Numerator

The numerator, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a data and technology firm. The firm is known for its cutting-edge market research methods, which combine proprietary data with cutting-edge technology to produce unique insights. Numerator’s clients include the majority of the Fortune 100 firms around the globe.

A Data Scientist at Splunk earns an average of $147,479 per year.

Notable Projects

  • Purchase Based Audience Targeting

Numerator’s purchase blend audience targeting allows businesses to generate niche audiences by intelligently modeling first-party purchase data. This makes it easier to develop a target audience and allows advertising to focus on them individually.

  • Shopper+People Insights

Numerator provides on-demand access to shopper information that is updated daily. With improved analytics, businesses can influence buyer behavior and expand their brands.


Data science jobs are plentiful across industries, and the greatest fit for you is determined by your personal goals and interests. You could work for a tech company, an educational institution, or even a legal firm.

Even the most advanced and intelligent machines, in actuality, require human intervention to manage and perfect them. That’s where you, as a data scientist, can contribute to practically any industry.

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