Chat GPT vs Bard: Unfolding the Future of AI
Chat GPT vs Bard: Unfolding the Future of AI

Chat GPT vs Bard: Unfolding the Future of AI

Chat GPT vs Bard: Unfolding the Future of AI

The Titan Microsoft’s Chat GPT, the AI powered chatbot system which has gained massive popularity in few months after its official launch on November 2022 is now in threat. It is appearing that its dominance in the market is coming to an end, because of “Bard”. Bard is a Google backed chatbot system officially launched by the CEO of Google Sunder Pichai on February 7, 2023.

What do we mean by a Chatbot? As defined by the IBM, Chatbot is basically a computer program made up of using Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing tools to communicate and understand customers’ questions.

Chat GPT is a natural language processing tool sourced by Open AI, for having human like conversations.  It can also answer any query put up by the user. Along with that, it can work as an assistant to assist you while writing an essay, article, blog or even in the composition of an e-mail.

Google Bard or Bard, an experimental conversational AI service which is powered by Language Models for Dialogue Applications (LAMDA).

Does Bard would completely sweep out the Chat GPT? Or there is still a room for Chat GPT to operate independently with parallel to Bard?  It totally depends on what convenience these both AI chatbots provide to its users.  Let’s compare both Tech Titans and make it little easier for you to choose which one is better.

The first noticeable difference between Chat GPT & Bard is the source of Information providing to their users. As understandable from the name of Chatbot itself, Chat GPT- Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.  Chat GPT derives the information from the data it has been trained on.  Bard derives the information directly from the internet. That means Chat GPT has a limited or narrow scope of generated data. It provides the answer to your question from the data generated up to 2021. On the other side, Google’s Bard is an updated, real-time-based data generator Ai chatbot. Also, while talking about Bard, Sunder Pichai mentioned that Bard can synthesize differing opinions and can make responses out of them if there would be no direct clear-cut answer available of the respective query.

The next difference seems on the accessibility level of both. As Bard is newly launched and has not disclosed much on the table, it has limited accessibility only to a handful of testers right now. However, Chat GPT in its basic version is available and accessible for everyone to use.

The final difference between both of them is their limitations. Chat GPT is a trained software hence, it can have its own intrinsic errors. Bard is internet driven system thus, there are higher chances that it is malign with misinformation.

As the competition has intensified between the both AI fueled Chatbots, a shower of differing opinions star taking place. Many believe that the launch of Bard is a result of hurriedness and anxiety to keep aside the prominence and popularity of Chat GPT. But many are in favor of Bard and discarding Chat GPT because of its outdated and limited knowledge. Despite of Chat GPT’s limitations, last month there were around 73.9 million visits from India and USA has been recorded which majorly comprises 11 percent of all traffics.

There is no doubt that AI largely affects our daily life. Thus, any new advancement in the field is needed to be updated, secured and transparent before coming to a wider group of users. Open AI can have numerous advantages but it is also come up with countless threats. Elon Musk cited Artificial Intelligence as the biggest threat to mankind because it has an ability to outsmart humans.

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