Creating accessible designs at Lewis & Rose interiors- Brett Nicole Seidl
Creating accessible designs at Lewis & Rose interiors- Brett Nicole Seidl

Creating accessible designs at Lewis & Rose interiors- Brett Nicole Seidl

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The interior design space has witnessed a resurgence over the years. This has paved the way for new, innovative entrepreneurs to join the space. Entrepreneurs who love interior design, but who are also ready to innovate. We have featured various Interior designer entrepreneurs on our page and today we are featuring award-winning designer Brett Nicole Seidl.

Brett’s entrepreneurial journey is a little unexpected. She went to college to study marginalized communities and began her career in non-profit management. However, she always had an eye for interior design, and after having her first child she craved the flexibility that following her true passion would give her. That’s when she opened up Lewis & Rose Interiors almost a decade ago, marrying her love for both the business and design aspects.

As an avid traveler, she now brings a variety of cultural influences into creating home spaces with vibrant pops of color. Since its inception, Lewis & Rose Interiors has thrived, going from a “side hustle” to a multi-million dollar firm driven by dedication and hard work.

Here’s what you need to know about Brett Nicole Seidl and Lewis & Rose Interiors.

Lewis & Rose’s overview and offerings

Lewis & Rose Interiors is a full-service interior design firm. It’s “modern and tailored interior design with a dash of whimsy,” as Seidl explains it, with the whimsy part really meaning that, “we value personality and lifestyle.”

“We’re not afraid of spunky, fun, and color!”

Lewis & Rose Interiors specializes in full-service designs for new construction, renovations, and furnishings. The company employs several other designers who truly capture a client’s vision and implement that in both big and bold ways, but also in the little details.

However, if a full-service design firm package isn’t for you, the firm has also created a unique “ “Designer for a Day” offering as well as a “Design-Plans Only” tier so that anyone who wants great design can have access to it.

“I strongly believe that good design should be accessible to the most amount of people,” Seidl says. “And so that’s reflected in what we offer and how we go about our streamlined process.”

Approaching the interior design process

If you want to understand Seidl’s unique approach, all you have to do is read one of her glowing reviews.

“We had a client who lovingly wrote, ‘This is not yo grandma’s interior design firm!’” she explains. “I think that perfectly sums us up. We’re constantly trying to innovate and push people out of their comfort zones so they can discover new aspects and frontiers of design.”

How does Seidl and her team succeed in that? It comes down to their tight and clean process, which includes a North Star document to cast vision and obtain buy-in, and then carries through their project management ability. “We get excited about deadlines and deliverables,” Seidl says.
Seidl and her team understand that interior design is an investment, so they’ve developed a streamlined process and payment structure that takes the guesswork out of nearly everything for the clients. “We use flat-fee pricing whenever and wherever we can, and we provide exact dates with deliverables, and we represent the client’s desires and needs to contractors, trade workers, and anyone else so as to make the process less intimidating.”

Staying up with the latest trends and innovations

Seidl understands the significance of remaining “in the know” on the latest and greatest trends to educate her clients properly and source unique pieces. There are hundreds of trade shows, thousands of showrooms, and hundreds of thousands of new products coming out regularly. As a good designer, she has to be aware of the innovations.

How does she do that?

“Social media is key to understanding what’s trending,” she says. “But I also make sure that my team and I are going to different shows, events, and seminars to make sure we expose ourselves to new ideas and materials.”

In fact, after every event they go to, Seidl has her designers present their observations and findings so that the entire team can learn.

However, you won’t find Lewis & Rose Interiors simple regurgitating the latest fad.

“We appreciate trends and use them when necessary,” Seidl says, “but we also want to make sure that our designs transcend trends and are timeless. Our clients spend a lot of money for a good design, and we’d be doing them a disservice if in five years it’s ‘out of style’ or feels dated.”


Lewis & Rose Interiors has been recognized for local and national awards, including being featured in magazines and publications like Architectural Digest, Luxe magazine, and the Dallas Morning News. Lewis & Rose Interiors was also recently given an award from Wayfair Professional, and recognized by the competition’s judges, Lindsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of HGTV’s “Unsellable Houses.”

The biggest achievement for Lewis & Rose Interiors, though, is its plethora of incredible online reviews, because those come directly from the clients.

“We value client feedback, and we’ve been blessed that it’s been so positive,” Seidl explains. “Our most internally rewarding achievement is when we get an email or a picture from a client or see one of our designs in the background of their social media. I love that we get to design the backdrop for people’s memories!”

Future plans for Lewis & Rose Interiors

So, what does the future hold for Lewis & Rose? The company recently launched an online home styling course to train future home stylists who are not classically trained in interior design but have an “eye” and are enthusiastic to join the industry. The course contains over 30 videos focused on design, business, and insider industry knowledge.

In addition, the company is preparing to get into the short-term rental space. Seidl has a vision to create one-of-a-kind-design rentals that transport people to a place of beauty and serenity. There is also a mobile home styling business and home decor line in the works.

Maintaining the work-life balance

Seidl believes strongly in finding work-life balance, although that can be hard to come by as a serial entrepreneur. She considers herself a wife and a mother first, and being an entrepreneur actually gives her more flexibility to fulfil those callings.

“I love being able to have lunch with my husband and kids during the day,” She says. “Now, that may mean I have to do some work after the kids go to bed, but I love getting to choose that and the freedom that comes from working for myself.”

Advice for young entrepreneurs

Seidl’s advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs involves two key elements. The first: “Don’t give up.”

“There are plenty of times when it gets tough and giving up seems to be the only option available,” she says. “But those are the moments you’ll learn the most.”

Her second piece of advice? “Surround yourself with people who support you but also challenge you.”

Too many businesses and leaders fail when they only take the advice they want to hear, she explains. “And if you only surround yourself with ‘yes’ men and women, you actually hold yourself back. You need to be challenged to think differently. Reach out to others who are experienced and ask questions!:

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