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30 UK Based Companies

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1. Unilever

Area: Consumer Defensive – Industry: Household and Personal Products

Unilever is a British-Dutch worldwide buyer products organization double recorded in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Shaped from organizations established during the 1870s, Unilever presently pulls together more than 400 brands, including Ax/Lynx, Dove, Omo, Heartbrand frozen yoghurts, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Rexona/Degree, Sunsilk, and Surf.

Site: unilever.com – Market Cap.: £152.4 Billion – Stock ticker: U.L.V.R.

2. B.H.P.

Area: Basic Materials – Industry: Industrial Metals and Mining

B.H.P. Group P.L.C. is the British arm of the Anglo-Australian global mining, metals, and oil organization recorded on the Australian Stock Exchange and a top constituent of the ASX file. B.H.P. is associated with the investigation, creation, and handling of minerals, particularly coal, iron metal, copper, and manganese metal, and the investigation, creation, and refining of hydrocarbons.

Site: bhp.com – Market Cap.: £114.8 Billion – Stock ticker: B.H.P.

3. Regal Dutch Shell

Area: Energy – Industry: Oil and Gas Integrated

Regal Dutch Shell P.L.C., known as Shell, is a British-Dutch oil and gas organization. Established in 1907, settled in the Netherlands, and consolidated in the UK, Shell is present in more than 70 nations. It works in oil and gas in investigation and creation, refining, transport, dispersion and advertising, petrochemicals, power age, and exchanging. It is also occupied with sustainable power sources with biofuels, wind, and hydrogen.

Site: shell.com – Market Cap.: £111 Billion – Stock ticker: RDSA/RDSB

4. Rio Tinto

Area: Basic Materials – Industry: Industrial Metals and Mining

Rio Tinto P.L.C. is the British piece of the Anglo-Australian worldwide metals and mining company recorded on the Australian Stock Exchange and a top constituent of the ASX file. Established in 1873, Rio Tinto has advanced into a forerunner in extracting minerals, particularly aluminium, iron metal, copper, uranium, and precious stones, and create tasks in refining, especially for bauxite and iron metal. Rio Tinto is essentially working in Australia and Canada with a worldwide presence.

Site: riotinto.com – Market Cap.: £100.1 Billion – Stock ticker: R.I.O.

5. AstraZeneca

Area: Healthcare – Industry: Pharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca P.L.C. is an Anglo–Swedish worldwide drug and biopharmaceutical organization. AstraZeneca creates, fabricates, and offers drugs and biotechnology items to treat significant sickness regions, including disease, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, contamination, neuroscience, respiratory, and irritation.

Site: astrazeneca.com – Market Cap.: £91.2 Billion – Stock ticker: AZN


Area: Financials – Industry: Diversified Banks

HSBC Holdings P.L.C. is a worldwide banking and monetary administration organization, double recorded in London and Hong Kong. Established in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865, HSBC has developed to work in more than 60 nations, with business banking, speculation banking, retail banking and abundance the board, and worldwide private banking.

Site: hsbc.com – Market Cap.: £86.8 Billion – Stock ticker: H.S.B.A.

7. Diageo

Area: Consumer Defensive – Industry: Wineries and Distilleries

Diageo P.L.C. is the organization of a worldwide cocktail. Strikingly the world’s biggest bourbon maker, Diageo is engaged with the creation and circulation of different spirits and lagers, with a portion of the world’s most popular brands including Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Gordon’s.

Site: diageo.com – Market Cap.: £65.8 Billion – Stock ticker: D.G.E.

8. GlaxoSmithKline

Area: Healthcare – Industry: Pharmaceuticals

GlaxoSmithKline P.L.C., otherwise called G.S.K., is a drug organization. G.S.K. makes items for significant sickness regions like asthma, malignant growth, contaminations, diabetes, and emotional wellbeing. It has an arrangement of immunizations. Working more than 115 nations, G.S.K. is likewise occupied with the buyer medical care business in oral wellbeing, relief from discomfort, respiratory, nourishment/gastro-gastrointestinal, and skin wellbeing classifications.

Site: gsk.com – Market Cap.: £59.9 Billion – Stock ticker: G.S.K.

9. B.P.B.P.

Area: Energy – Industry: Oil and Gas Integrated

BP PLC, some time ago The British Petroleum Company and B.P.B.P. Amoco is a global oil and gas organization. Established in 1909, B.P.B.P. works in oil and gas through investigation and creation, refining, appropriation and showcasing, petrochemicals, power age, and exchanging, and has interests in environmentally friendly power with biofuels and wind power.

Site: bp.com – Market Cap.: £59.4 Billion – Stock ticker: B.PB.P.

10. English American Tobacco

Area: Consumer Defensive – Industry: Tobacco

English American Tobacco P.L.C., otherwise called B.A.T., is a global cigarette and tobacco-producing organization. Framed in 1902, B.A.T. is currently the world’s second-biggest tobacco maker with different worldwide brands like Lucky Strike, Dunhill, Pall Mall, Rothmans International, Winfield, and a massive exhibit of neighbourhood brands.

Site: bat.com – Market Cap.: £57 Billion – Stock ticker: BATS

11. London Stock Exchange Group

Area: Financials – Industry: Financial Data and Stock Exchanges

The London Stock Exchange Group is a stock trade and economic data organization. Established in 1801, it works the vitally stock trade of the United Kingdom and the Italian stock trade, Borsa Italiana. It is likewise engaged with data innovation through L.S.E.G. Technology, monetary market information, and foundation through Refinitiv possesses the FTSE Russell market lists organization and has more enormous part stakes in the clearinghouse L.C.H. and Tradeweb monetary administrations.

Site: lseg.com – Market Cap.: £44.6 Billion – Stock ticker: L.S.E.G.

12. Reckitt Benckiser

Area: Consumer Defensive – Industry: Household and Personal Products

Reckitt Benckiser Group P.L.C., otherwise called R.B.R.B., is a global customer merchandise organization, delivering wellbeing, cleanliness and home items. Following its starting points back to the nineteenth century, R.B.R.B. has developed into a worldwide organization with renowned brand names including Dettol, Strepsils, Veet, Airborne, Gaviscon, Calgon, Mead Johnson, Lysol, Mycil, Clearasil, Cillit Bang, Durex, Air Wick and Vanish.

Site: rb.com – Market Cap.: £42.8 Billion – Stock ticker: R.BR.B.

13. Glencore

Area: Basic Materials – Industry: Industrial Metals and Mining

Glencore P.L.C. is an Anglo-Swiss worldwide product exchanging and mining organization. Glencore is working in mining and metallurgical locales, oil creation resources, farming offices, and it is occupied with the obtaining and dissemination of its products all through the world.

Site: glencore.com – Market Cap.: £38.7 Billion – Stock ticker: GLEN

14. Prudential

Area: Financials – Industry: Life Insurance

Prudential P.L.C. is a worldwide life coverage and monetary administrations organization. Established in 1848, it has become turned into the primary protection and resource the board supplier in Asia with Prudential Corporation Asia, one of the biggest life coverage suppliers in the United States with Jackson National Life Insurance Company, and the central reserve funds and ventures business in the U.K.U.K. and Europe with M&G Prudential.

Site: prudentialplc.com – Market Cap.: £36.8 Billion – Stock ticker: P.R.U.

15. Vodafone

Area: Communication Services – Industry: Telecom Services

Vodafone Group plc is a global media communications organization. Connected dominatingly in portable network administrations, Vodafone additionally gives broadband, T.V.T.V., and venture administrations like voice, cloud benefits just as Internet-of-Things administrations for various applications in enterprises including auto, protection, and medical services. An innovator in the U.K.U.K., Vodafone additionally works straightforwardly or, by implication, over 150 nations.

Site: vodafone.com – Market Cap.: £32.7 Billion – Stock ticker: V.O.D.

16. R.E.L.X. Group

Area: Communication Services – Industry: Publishing

RELX PLC, otherwise called R.E.L.X. Group, is a worldwide data and investigation organization. R.E.L.X. Group is occupied with four business fragments: logical, specialized, and clinical, under the Elsevier brand, hazard, and business investigation, under the LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Reed Business Information brands, legitimate, under the LexisNexis brand, and presentations, under the Reed Exhibitions brand.

Site: relx.com – Market Cap.: £32.7 Billion – Stock ticker: R.E.L.

17. National Grid

Area: Utilities – Industry: Diversified Utilities

Public Grid P.L.C. is a worldwide power and gas service organization. It principally works in power transmission and gas dispersion in the United Kingdom and the United States, overseeing tasks straightforwardly or through auxiliary organizations.

Site: nationalgridet.com – Market Cap.: £28.6 Billion – Stock ticker: N.GN.G.

18. Barclays

Area: Financials – Industry: Diversified Banks

Barclays P.L.C. is a British venture bank and monetary administrations organization. Following its starting point to 1690, Barclays is fundamentally associated with speculation saving money with different administrations in close to home banking, corporate banking, abundance the executives, and venture the board.

Site: home.Barclays – Market Cap.: £27.7 Billion – Stock ticker: B.A.R.C.

19. Lloyds Banking Group

Area: Financials – Industry: Regional Banks

Lloyds Bank P.L.C. is a retail and business bank. Advanced from the Bank of Scotland established in 1695, Lloyds Banking Group has fostered its exercises fundamentally in England and Wales in retail banking, business banking, life, annuities and protection, abundance the board, and global tasks in the U.S.U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Site: lloydsbankinggroup.com – Market Cap.: £27.6 Billion – Stock ticker: L.L.O.Y.

20. Compass Group

Area: Consumer Cyclical – Industry: Restaurants

Compass Group P.L.C. is a global agreement foodservice organization. The most significant agreement foodservice organization on the planet, giving food and backing administrations over 50 nations across five market areas: business and industry, medical care and seniors, training, sports and relaxation, guard, seaward and remote.

Site: compass-group.com – Market Cap.: £26 Billion – Stock ticker: C.P.G.

21. CRH

Area: Basic Materials – Industry: Building Materials

CRH PLC is a worldwide gathering of expanded structure materials. It creates and supplies a broad scope of items for the development business, including weighty side materials, like totals, concrete, black-top, cement, and light side items, like glass and frosting items, screens, and extras. It is likewise engaged with the dispersion of these items.

Site: crh.com – Market Cap.: £24.3 Billion – Stock ticker: CRH

22. Vacillate Entertainment

Area: Consumer Cyclical – Industry: Gambling

Shudder Entertainment P.L.C. is a bookmaking holding organization. Working across four key divisions, on the web, retail, Australia and the United States, Flutter Entertainment works wagering shops, online games wagering, betting, and club sites, through various brands including Fox Bet, Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, Time form and T.V.G. Network.

Site: flutter.com – Market Cap.: £24.1 Billion – Stock ticker: F.L.T.R.

23. NatWest Group

Area: Financials – Industry: Diversified Banks

NatWest Group, representing National Westminster, recently known as The Royal Bank of Scotland and R.B.S., is a private and somewhat freely possessed banking and protection holding organization. Following its starting points to 1707, NatWest Group works in Europe, North America, and Asia through numerous brands giving individual and business banking, private banking, protection, and corporate money, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, and Coutts.

Site: natwestgroup.com – Market Cap.: £22.3 Billion – Stock ticker: N.W.G.

24. Experian

Area: Industrials – Industry: Consulting Services

Experian P.L.C. is a purchaser credit detailing office. Situated in Ireland, it works in 37 nations, where it accumulates credit data on a vast number of purchasers. Experian likewise offers choice examinations, and showcases help to organizations.

Site: experianplc.com – Market Cap.: £20.9 Billion – Stock ticker: E.X.P.N.

25. Antofagasta P.L.C.

Area: Basic Materials – Industry: Copper

Antofagasta P.L.C. is a worldwide copper mining organization associated with transport. Principally working four copper mines in Chile, Antofagasta is additionally working railroad transportation from Antofagasta (Chile) to Bolivia, the Twin Metals copper and nickel mining organization in the U.S.U.S. State of Minnesota, and other investigation joint endeavours all over the planet.

Site: antofagasta.co.uk – Market Cap.: £17.6 Billion – Stock ticker: A.N.T.O.

26. Ashtead Group

Area: Industrials – Industry: Rental and Leasing Services

Ashtead Group P.L.C. is a global gear rental organization. Working under the exchanging name Sunbelt Rentals through more than 840 stores across the United States, 70 in Canada, and 180 stores across the United Kingdom, it offers a broad scope of development and modern hardware for lease.

Site: ashtead-group.com – Market Cap.: £17.4 Billion – Stock ticker: AHT

27. Ferguson

Area: Industrials – Industry: Industrial Distribution

Ferguson P.L.C. is a structured materials organization. Following its starting point to 1887, Ferguson presently conveys a scope of plumbing and warming items, just as ventilation, cooling and refrigeration, waterworks, and everyday items.

Site: fergusonplc.com – Market Cap.: £19 Billion – Stock ticker: F.E.R.G.

28. Related British Foods

Area: Consumer Defensive – Industry: Packaged Foods

Related British Foods P.L.C. is a worldwide food handling and retailing organization. Established in 1935, the organization has developed into a forerunner in creating fixings, like sugar and bread cook’s yeast, staple items with brands including Mazola, Jordans, Ovaltine, Ryvita, and Twinings and retail, with spaces all over Europe and the United States.

Site: abf.co.uk – Market Cap.: £18.7 Billion – Stock ticker: A.B.F.

30. Tesco

Area: Consumer Defensive – Industry: Grocery Stores

Tesco P.L.C. is a worldwide staple and general product retailer. Established in 1919, Tesco has developed into the world’s third-biggest retailer, working hypermarkets and general stores selling food, books, clothing, hardware, furniture, toys, petroleum, programming, monetary administrations, telecoms, and internet providers in seven nations.

Site: tescoplc.com – Market Cap.: £17.4 Billion – Stock ticker: TSCO

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