Lena jo, CEO & Founder of The LifePower Institute

The LifePower Institute “Our mission is to help you gain LifePower in all areas of life. To help you find yourself, your purpose and calling in life and/or business, grow in health, faith and creativity.” Lena jo, the CEO and Founder of ‘The LifePower Institute’, is an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs those who have […]

Inger Nordin, Founder & Ceo of IN LIFE AMPLIFICATION

IN LIFE AMPLIFICATION “Our Mission is to help women step into their power – financially, personally    and professionally – without compromising their femininity.” Inger Nordin, the inspiring woman entrepreneur of “IN Life Amplification”, an organization, a guiding lamp engaged in unlocking the purpose of life for mid -life women. As today’s world is the world […]